When it comes to prospects, you’re seeking to stay top of mind. If you’re a newer business, it can be a difficult task to figure out how to do exactly that. It seems that there are thousands of blogs, articles, and tutorials telling you how to stay top of mind with prospects, present and past clients and send them down the sales funnel to create loyal customers. And with technology coming as far as it has within the past few decades, the competition out there can be cutthroat. You may think that every industry seems to be over-saturated, so how can you truly stand out? How can you be the one to stay top of mind for those prospects? We know one way that has been effective time and time again. It’s using promotional items.


What Can Promotional Items Do For Your Business?


Promotional items can keep your product or service top of mind with your prospects. They also can bring brand awareness to your prospects and serve as a continuous mini-marketing campaign. By sending or gifting promotional items, you can increase your sales and revenue. Who doesn’t want that? These are just a few simple ways that promotional items can work for you. That is, if you have chosen them wisely.


If you have chosen a product that doesn’t serve a purpose to a prospect or existing client, it can be sent straight to the garbage as soon as they’ve received it. This is not what you want for your company or brand. You don’t want to be remembered for sending a piece of junk, or worse – not being remembered at all. When choosing your promotional items, it’s best to try to take yourself out of the equation and see it as if you were the prospect.


How To Choose The Right Promotional Item


You’ll want to find an item that correlates with your business and is unique. Don’t get too hung up on the “unique” factor though. That can be a dangerous rigmarole. Look for something that is useful and logical. Choosing something that is timeless (i.e. coffee mug) means that you can buy in large quantities, which drives down the cost for you. This can be helpful for those that are on a tight budget. Of course, it’s always good to be up to date with trends and stay relevant with your promotional items.


In the end, you want the promotional items that you’ve chosen to reflect your company and brand. Whatever you end up choosing should be simply branded with your name, logo, and brand colors. Remember that sometimes less is more, so don’t go too crazy with branding your promotional items. If your company is eco-friendly, find an item that reflects that value. That can be your “unique” factor.




Your promotional items should be chosen carefully with great thought behind them. By putting the time and effort behind your decision, you can share that with your prospects. This may give you an opportunity to further explain your company’s values and mission – all through your promotional items. Mind’s Eye Cre8tive can help you get started on this process. Tell us all about your business, and we can collaborate with you on the right promotional items that can send those prospects down your sales funnel. Call us to get started today!

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