What do feather flags and social media have in common? They’re both important parts of a multichannel approach to marketing.

If you haven’t heard of multichannel marketing, it’s time to take a closer look. The idea is that by using multiple channels for your marketing strategy, you can reach a wider audience, see better conversions, and make a larger impact in a cost-effective way.

It’s easy to assume that you’re going to get the most out of your marketing plan when you focus it all on digital spaces. The reality is that without strong marketing displays, you’re missing crucial connections with your own community.

Ready to find out why you need to make feather flags an integral part of your marketing in 2022? Read on for five compelling reasons.

1. Feather Flags Provide Constant Promotion


A multichannel approach isn’t just about reaching a wider audience. It’s also about reaching your audience on a more frequent basis. The more often people interact with your branding, the faster they move from the brand awareness phase to the brand recognition phase, bringing them one step closer to making a purchase.

When it comes to social media posts, TV ads, or emails, you’re trying to cut through a lot of virtual noise. You’re hoping that potential customers will be in the right place (ie in front of the TV) at the right time (ie when your ad comes on). You’re also hoping that it will hold their attention in spite of the many distractions or methods to keep scrolling that your viewers can choose from.

A feather flag doesn’t have to fly for a portion of the day. You can fly feather flags 24/7, giving a constant opportunity for promotion. Plus, feather flags are out in the real world, where your viewers can’t scroll to the next eye-catching thing without taking notice.

2. Outdoor Marketing Displays Increase Storefront Visibility

No matter how wide-reaching your intended audience is, feather flags do something really important. They reach the audience at your doorstep.

We see debates about whether or not foot traffic still matters in the digital age. The reality is that it certainly does but for many businesses, foot traffic isn’t even an option.

If your business is not in a walkable area, how can you attract the people who are driving by? How can you increase your store’s visibility so that people can find it with ease and may feel inspired to pull over even if that wasn’t their plan?

Feather flags make your business far more visible to the people who are passing by. Whether or not your storefront signage is visible from the street, feather flags contribute to that ability to capture attention and increase interest.

3. Feather Flags Are Easy and Versatile

Unlike many other marketing strategies that take knowledge and practice, using feather flags is simple. They’re lightweight and take up minimal space given their height to width ratio. They can stand alone or attach to light poles and other fixtures and they take almost no time to install.

Plus, with tons of design options, you can ensure that your custom feather flags are well-branded and send the message you want them to send. We make it easy to pick the size, shape, and material of your flags. Next, you can design your logo or message using the graphics, fonts, and colors of your choice.

Last but not least, you get to select the appropriate hardware. Decide where you want to install your feather flags and we’ll take care of selecting and sending the hardware that will make installation a breeze.

4. Feather Flags Are Cost-Effective

We know that most businesses, big and small, have a limited marketing budget. Adopting a new marketing method to add to your multichannel strategy comes with tough considerations. Will it fit into your budget and is it worth the investment?

Feather flags are inexpensive to design, print, and ship. You can request a quote before you place your order to ensure that the final product will fall into your allotted budget.

Once you have your feather flags, you can use them for a long time to come. Feather flags are designed to stand up against all weather patterns, including wind, snow, and rain. In fact, their narrow shape ensures visibility and tautness in high winds.

When you can access community-based 24/7 promotions at a low cost, why skip the bargain?

5. Feather Flags Boost Your Overall Marketing Strategy

No matter how strong your digital or direct mail marketing strategies are, they’ll go further with marketing displays built on eye-catching branded flags. At the end of the day, it’s easy to catch a potential customer’s attention online. It’s harder to lure them into your store, where they’re at an increased chance of making a purchase.

Embrace a multichannel approach that creates an in-person experience. Give your storefront a more professional and interest-generating aesthetic. Use feather flags for advertising that never quits on you.

Make Feather Flags a Staple of Your Marketing Strategy

At MEC Inc., we make printing feather flags a priority. We understand how much of a difference feather flags can make to your marketing strategy and how they can help you cut through the noise of the digital age. If you’re ready to embrace this next leg of a multichannel approach, we’re ready to make that happen.

Start by contacting us to let us know what projects you have in mind. Beyond feather flags, we can provide you with additional display and marketing materials. Give us the details of your vision and we’ll give you a free quote.

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