How to Grow Your Business With Trade Show Promotional Items

Covid-19 undoubtedly slowed down trade shows. However, they are slowly reclaiming the top spot in the marketing arena. And when it comes to attracting and converting leads, nothing beats a combination of trade shows and promotional items.

Do you want your marketing efforts to bear fruits? If your answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’, then it’s time to go back to the good old-fashioned trade shows. With the right trade show promotional items, you can get prospects talking about your brand again.

Are you wondering how to can get back in the game?  Keep reading to find out.

What are Trade Show Promotional Items?

Promo items are branded items that help businesses convert prospects into paying customers. The ultimate object of promotional materials is to leave a long-lasting impression on a customer. A trade show item keeps reminding customers of your brand.

You can find promotional items in live events for entertainment or sports. T-shirts are part of the promo items that resonate with potential customers. The list of trade show items goes on and on.

How Do Businesses Get Trade Show Promotional Items?

Many companies dedicate their time and creativity to developing promotional items. Whether your enterprise is big or small, you will always find someone willing to supply you with promo items. After you find a supplier, explain your branding needs and ideas.

When you place your order for promo items, the supplier customizes products to your liking. The distributor delivers the branded items to you.

Which Trade Shows Items are Popular in 2022?

There is a wide range of promotional items in the market. This makes it hard for you to get the right custom swag. Some promo items will make more sense in a particular industry than others.

The longevity of a particular item hinges on its usefulness. When the product deteriorates, the owner discards it. As a result, your brand loses its impression on the potential customer.

Popular promo items include:

Promotional Pens and Notebooks

Most tradeshow attendees in 2022 will not pass an opportunity to get a promotional pen or notebook. These items never go out of fashion due to their practicality. Your prospects will have an insatiable appetite for them.

Portable Chargers with a Custom Logo

With everybody using a mobile phone, the demand for chargers is high. Trade show attendees will be tremendously appreciative after receiving a promo charger from your company. They’ll remember your brand for many months.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are not about to lose their value. They are still among the most sought-after tradeshow items today.

Phone Wallets and Custom Pop-Sockets

People will always welcome free phone wallets and pop-sockets. If you are trying to make an impression on your brand, these promo items are worth every dime. Ensure that you have added a logo on such items, and the recipient will remember your brand every day.

Custom Audio Devices

Custom audio devices are premium promo items. They tremendously resonate with trade show attendees. No one can turn down a Bluetooth speaker.  Even those who don’t use such devices will be happy to pass them on.

Custom T-shirts

A T-shirt is indisputably the most wearable piece of cloth in the world today. Both men and women car wear it. And it fairs exceedingly well as a promo item.

Tote Bags

There is no better place to put a company logo than a tote bag.

It is the perfect giveaway item in a tradeshow.

Lip Balm

The usefulness of lip balm makes it a top contender of the 2022 promo items. Trade show attendees can start using this product immediately. You will never go wrong with it as a trade show item.

Breath Mints

Breath mints save the day anytime attendees want to interact. In a trade show, every one wants a packet of this product. It not only boosts the user’s confidence but is also convenient to carry.

The good news is that you can choose trade show items that will resonate with your target audience well. Here is how you can grow your business with trade show promotional items.

trade show promotional items

Use Inventive Promo Items

Promotional items represent your brand and you can use them to extend your reach. However, you need easily visible trade items to accomplish your goals.

Acknowledge that using promotional items is a competitive strategy. Use unique branded items to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, you need to make the experience thrilling.

You can create a game and reward participants with promo items. For example, you could encourage your prospects to sign for your company’s mailing list. Let them know that they stand a chance to win a unique branded item.

The thrill of the game will not only generate but also convert leads. As more people participate, your sales will grow exponentially.

Get the First Impression Right

You are not going to be the only one showcasing your enterprise. Other businesses will have booths too. Attendees are likely to be overwhelmed with lots of promotional items.

The giveaway display should be enchanting. All the promotional items should bear your company logo and contacts. Your prospects will use this info to link back to your company.

You will only have about 10 seconds to leave indelible marks on your prospect’s mind. If you do not nail the first impression, attendees will forget your brand quickly.

Also, your promo items should prop up your brand image, theme, and persona without any contradiction.

Getting your visuals right is one of the best ways to capture the attendees right. If you are working on a budget, use banners, colors, and large signs to attract your prospects.

Your goal is to make your brand look intriguing and appealing. Also, use unique and thought-provoking content. Execute your strategy with laser-sharp precision, and you will convert prospects into buying customers.

Your pitch should effectively say who you are, what you offer, and what sets you apart from the rest. Doing so quickly and flawlessly will bring more customers on board.

Use  Practical Giveaways

No matter how good your giveaway items look, they should be useful. Attendees accept a lot of promotional items, but they discard the less useful materials much faster. For your promo item to keep spreading the word about your brand, it has to be practical.

If you want to garner long-lasting impressions, ensure your giveaway items are practical. These items may include hand sanitizers, water bottles, notebooks, and so on.

Attendees will appreciate practical items more. They will not mind telling their family or friends where they got the item. Mentioning your brands to others can translate into more following and increased sales.

Use a Variety of Promotional Items

As you plan for an upcoming tradeshow, be creative with promotional material. You don’t want to bring the obvious giveaway items as many other companies do. Bringing a variety of products will break the monotony.

Attendees will want to keep the rare promo items that stand out. Besides that, your prospects will have a choice to pick what’s useful to them. If you only have one type of custom swag, you will limit their options.

Remember, most people in tradeshow like a lot of different items. Different tradeshow items will appeal to more attendees. The numbers will translate to a significant lead generation and conversion.

During a trade show, do not shy from giving out as many promo items as you can. These items will earn your company many referrals.

Moreover, most people who don’t like your promotional items will be willing to pass them on. The next recipients will learn about your business.

Use Quality Promotional Products

Quality tradeshow items will remind the attendees about your brand for months or years to come. Long-lasting and appealing souvenirs will widen your company’s horizons. They may appeal to people beyond the event.

For example, a nice water bottle can capture the attention of other people at the gym. If it has a clear logo, these people will become familiar with your brand. And you will have reached more prospects than you expected.

Most people believe that the quality of your product is similar to your promo item. Giving quality custom swag makes your attendees trust your products. As result, someone who never used to buy from you starts doing it.

Leverage Trade Show Items For Business Growth Today

Trade show promotional items are a formidable marketing idea. If you’ve been trying to convert more leads without success, this strategy will make a huge difference. Contact us today, and we will provide you with the promo items for your upcoming show.

Whether you want custom T-shirts, coffee mugs, or custom notebooks, you can count on us to deliver.

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