There are various options from the 2021 logo trends to create or refresh your company’s logo.


Whether you are a startup, small business, or looking to rebrand; your logo plays a significant role in producing your future brand. Your logo can become the most recognizable aspect of your company’s brand. While design trends come and go over the years, it can be a daunting task trying to create the perfect logo without seeking inspiration from the current trends.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong following 2021 logo trends because it can help you build a base for your brand or give you a refreshing look for the next year or two. Several of this year’s trends are a continuation of the past few years. With help from your print management agency on design and recommendations, you can find the right logo (or refresh your logo) to catch the eyes of your target audience and create brand awareness and recognition. 


Simplicity And Balance 


As the years go by and the digital era is in full swing, the idea of logos with simplification and balance have grown in popularity. It is a long-standing trend with no signs of slowing down to have a simple logo. When your company has a good standing online presence, going simple with concise graphics makes communication with digital tools increasingly easier. It is the age of the minimalist design, which means designers are dropping intricate patterns and overly complicated fonts. If you are creating a new logo or refreshing your current one, the best rule of thumb to apply is the age-old phrase “less is more.”


Another one of the 2021 logo trends is balance. Balance communicates that your company is solid and reliable in nature. You can benefit by applying clean and simple imagery to your overall look. Some companies achieve balance by utilizing symmetric arrangement and sans-serif fonts. Your print management agency can assist your logo customization and recommend current trends based on your desired brand feel. 


Overlapping Geometry And Chaos 


You can opt for something completely opposite with 2021 logo trends like overlapping geometry or artistic chaos. These choices are typically for businesses that prefer bold designs. There are various ways to apply geometric shapes into your logo. Your creativity can really shine here by partially overlapping several elements or merging elements into each other. By stacking elements, you add layers to your logo.


Something that is newer to the scene is opting for what some like to call artistic chaos. There are essentially no rules in this trend. You can turn letters upside down or even scatter geometric shapes all over and throughout your design. If you are a creative service company, this may be the route to go for your logo. It showcases the creativity of your brand. You will have to keep in mind that your logo must be easy-to-read and recognizable. With this design choice, your print management agency can provide their professional input to make sure your emblem is readable. 


Inventive Typography And Gradients


Finally, we have the 2021 logo trends that consist of inventive typography and using gradients. Inventive typography is more for logos that are text-based. It emphasizes your company or organization’s personality by opting for a custom, original font. You won’t need to constantly revamp an old font when you craft one that is original and captures the essence of your brand. As with artist chaos, you want your logo to remain legible and easy to recognize. People should be able to see it for a split second and know what it says (or that they even were looking at words).


When it comes to gradients, we couldn’t be happier about this being one of the 2021 logo trends. What is considered a gradient? It is when the shades of the same color transition smoothly into one another. Some compare it to a 3D image because it gives off incredible energy. Any print management agency would help you find the right color shades for your logo as gradients render differently digitally than print. 




Your logo is what your target audience identifies first. It must be recognizable, easy to read, yet creative and true to your overall brand. As the years go on, you want to remain relevant and look that way too. Follow one (or a few) of these 2021 logo trends and you will accomplish just that. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, our priority is providing high quality services and products that reflect your brand exceptionally by utilizing state of the art printing techniques. We are here to design and/or print your marketing and branding items all year round. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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