Giving out promotional items to your clients can be a fun and exciting task. That is, if you have an item that stands out amongst the rest and commonly captures the interest of your clientele. It can be a tall order to find unique promotional items that grab your attention with a balance of displaying your brand. You want to send a message about your company and brand that communicates your values and mission while being able to entertain. Unique promotional items can convey that you are creative, innovative, fun, quirky, etc.


Finding these unique promotional items can be the tricky part of it all. You don’t want to get sucked into hours of scrolling on Pinterest, only to find one possible item that you like but don’t love. Every year new ideas come around, so here are some unique promotional items that you can choose from this next year. No matter what you choose, remember to brand your products a fair amount. You want to stay top of mind with clients, and one of the top ways to do that is with branding on your items.


What should your unique promotional items reflect?

Reflect Your Industry


Whatever unique promotional items you pick, you want it to reflect your industry and/or your brand. If you are in the fitness industry, finding promotional items that encourage and help those stick to their fitness plans are ideal. Items such as: portable and interactive golf tool for the office or home, glass water bottles, customized sneakers, wrist water bottles, even a Bodyworks Ball.


If your targeted audience is new moms or mothers, choose unique promotional items that are usable in their day-to-day life. Items such as: hand socks, sunglasses, fanny packs, phone screen cleaners, reusable insulated lunch tote bag, or even etched wine bottles. You want your items to be utilized in hopes that your prospects will become clients and your clients will become loyal.


Reflect Your Brand


Choosing unique promotional items that don’t necessarily reflect your industry is okay. You’ll want to make sure your branding on the unique promotional items is sleek, viewable, and eye-catching. It’s best to pick an item that reflects your values, is usable, and/or entertains. If you are a company that is eco-friendly, choose unique promotional items that are just that. Items such as: reusable straws, tote bags made from recyclable materials, or cup covers.


Your items can reflect leisure, convenience, self-care, travel, education, wellness, etc. Picking a theme or adjective to go off of can give your business an open-ended list of items to choose from. Items can range from a desk cornhole bean bag toss game to a foldable drone with Wi-Fi camera and back again to a hammock or customizable cinema light box. If you want to focus on traveling aids, consider items like travel chargers, luggage, luggage tags, duffel bags or customized playing cards.  As long as your brand is reflected in your unique promotional items somewhere, you’re well underway to an item that stands out amongst the crowd.




As we’ve stated before, it can be tricky to pick out the perfect unique promotional items for your business. We understand that it can be an overwhelming task. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are here to collaborate with you and find out what’s going to work for your company best. It’s our priority to provide exceptional ideas, service, and products to each of our clients. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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