Here’s how trending promo items for 2021 provide greater brand awareness, recognition, loyalty and more.


As this year continues to be underway, it is critical to know what opportunities are ahead for the rest of the year. There are virtual events in the works, hybrid trade shows on the calendar, potential for full in-person events this year, employees returning to the office, employees continuing to work from home, and so much more. With the future still hanging in the balance regarding restrictions and guidelines as the year goes on, it can be difficult to plan for what is to come and how much to anticipate. In any scenario that the future holds, your company can greatly benefit from utilizing trending promo items to keep consumers and employees engaged with your brand throughout the year – no matter the season or circumstance. 


Special Events


There are trade shows (virtual, hybrid, or full in-person), conferences, presentations, celebrations, anniversaries, holidays, and more that occur throughout the year. Your business will want to stay up to date with trending promo items to accommodate for these future special events. When it comes to events, this year you will need to prepare and plan a bit earlier than the past few years. Why? Because it takes more intentionality to impress potential clients, maintain engagement with current consumers, and generate brand loyalty with a positive work culture for employees.


For example, for virtual trade shows in the future, you will need to send a care package or any of your promo items ahead of time to participants. This means you not only have to pick the trending promo items and brand them, but also consider branded packaging, opting for care packages, and any additional features to immerse them in your experience at the virtual event from their home. Your print management agency can collaborate with you on choosing what options best suit your circumstances that will elevate your brand. 




Throughout the year you may want to find trending promo items that you can give to your employees. These can show your appreciation for their hard work, and that you value them and the skills they bring to your company. The goal here is to generate a stronger sense of ownership and bond with your brand. In the end, you want employees to feel and remain loyal to your business. You can accomplish this by creating care packages filled with promo items that you’ve chosen and branded.


One of the current trends with care packages is finding a theme for the items you have. For example, a work from home care package could include items such as the following: branded coasters, lunch boxes or tray tables, cutlery sets, custom cable tags (for organizing your technology), oil diffusers, phone grips and stands, fleece zip-ups, stress relievers, face masks, ice scrapers and the list could go on and on. There are the classic choices of promotional products that seem to remain ageless such as tumblers, pullovers, pens, hats, planners/calendars, coffee mugs, etc. Other popular themes include back to the office items, movie night, game night, healthy living, fitness, and the list goes on. Whatever items that you choose for this year, know that everything must be customized with your branding on it. In order to gain brand awareness, you’ll want certain aspects on any trending promo items.




While similar to employees trending promo items, clients or consumers can be tricky to please. You will want to anticipate your target audience’s needs. You also want to consider choosing items that reflect your brand and your company’s values. Plus, you must show that you value their business by providing items that are useful, reusable, and high quality.


If you wanted to opt for themed care packages, that would go a long way. For example, you can choose trending promo items that fall under these categories: eco-friendly, technology related, general at home items, cooking items, outdoorsy items, etc. Whatever you choose, you want to promote certain values that align with your brand to your consumers. 




It’s time to get creative and show your team, clients, or event participants that you care about them with trending promo items. Think through your brand and choose items that reflect that well. Everything can be customized with your branding on it however you like. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, our priority is providing high quality services with products that reflect your brand exceptionally. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!


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