Should you consider these top branded gifts for 2021?


Summer is right around the corner, and your company may be heading into a busy season. Maybe your business just finished their busy season, and you’re gearing up to throw a party to celebrate your team’s success. You could simply be preparing for a 4th of July celebration as a company. Whatever the circumstances may be, it is best to consider what ways you can show appreciation to your employees and clients throughout the year. The summertime is a lull season for holidays, and people are more focused on getting closer to their vacation time. To continue client loyalty to your brand and increase positive work culture, you’ll want to find the top branded gifts for 2021 this summer. 


Qualities To Have


In any scenario that you are giving gifts to either employees or clients, you want the gift to be made with high quality materials, long lasting, and create brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. Those are the elements at the front of your mind when you are deciding what top branded gifts for 2021 to choose. Before sifting through the trends and options, you first need to have a reliable and exceptional print management agency on your side. They will be the ones to deliver in all the qualities that are necessary for a successful gift. Here are the necessary qualities that your gift must include: high quality, usefulness, reusable, unique, and affordability. If you can check off each one of those qualities with your branded gift, then you have increased your likelihood in brand awareness, recognition and loyalty with clients and employees. 


The quality of any top branded gifts for 2021 that you choose must be of high quality in material and print. This means that clients and employees will feel truly appreciated when the item is durable and top-notch material. Any gift also must be useful to the receiver. If you cater to your employees and/or clients’ needs that you know about, then you have a higher chance of accomplishing this goal. When a gift is practical and useful, it is most likely also reusable. Having a reusable item will increase the chance of your employee and/or client using it in other places. You want a reusable gift that looks good, feels good, and makes the gift receiver feel those ways too. This creates more brand awareness and recognition.


You also need to give unique items or have a unique design on any top branded gifts for 2021. Uniqueness doesn’t just mean different. It can simply encompass the thoughtfulness behind the gift or any personal message with the gift. Finally, your budget and affordability in choosing gifts is critical. Any gift must have a good value. Employees and clients will equate the value of the gift to how much you value them. Make sure that these qualities reflect your appreciation and value of them. 


Your Options


It is good business to be up to date on the trends. If you are at a loss for ideas on what to give your employees and/or clients, you can always look up the current trends to decide what may fit best for the occasion. The top branded gifts for 2021 include but are not limited to the following items: pens, keychains, hand sanitizer, stickers, notebooks, backpacks, headphones, portable chargers, tech accessories, water bottles, coffee mugs, work-from-home products, return to the office products, fitness products, eco-friendly products, sunglasses, hats, tote bags, umbrellas, and apparel.


You can even opt for sending your employees and/or clients care packages that go with a theme to include a variety of these items. With everything, you will want to brand your items. Consult with your print management agency, who can help you customize your branded gifts. They can give you more ideas and inspiration to incorporate and find the right top branded gifts for 2021. 




It’s time to get creative and show that you care with any top branded gifts for 2021 to employees and clients. Think through your brand and choose items that reflect that well. Everything can be customized with your branding on it however you like. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, our priority is providing high quality services and products that reflect your brand exceptionally by utilizing state of the art printing techniques. Show your team or clients some love this season! Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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