It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about marketing or promotional materials, advertisements or art; there is a significant difference that occurs during the phases of print and design. When you have a design for your business, it can look one way on a screen and a completely different way when it’s been printed. There are various reasons for that possible occurrence, but it doesn’t always have to be different from print and design looks. You’ll need to know a few basics that can help with your implementation needs and find quality print management that will do your design justice.


Tips and Tricks of the Design World


Your business should have strong branding through-and-through. Marketing tactics should reflect your organization, branding, and organization’s values. When you create an effective design, it will connect with your target audience. The connection can be subtle, powerful, and anywhere in between. The best designs are the most memorable that stick with the consumer with a lasting feeling. One of the best tips heard throughout the years is that, “A harmonious design is a happy design.” From the messaging to the color choices, everything should be cohesive within your organization. Your print and design will reap the rewards of consumer loyalty to your brand if you cling to these tips.


Print and Design Questions You Need To Know The Answers To


In order to prepare yourself for print, you’ll want high quality design prints. To have quality, we recommend that you adhere to the principles of balance, alignment and proportion. This will help you convey your uniform messaging that will grab the attention of consumers.


Here are the factors you’ll need to consider when you bring your design to print:


  • How many copies do you need? Is that best for in-house or outsource printing?
  • What is the size of your desired print? Will the material need to be folded?
  • Does the design call for printing on both sides?
  • Will you print in color or black-and-white?
  • What paper or vessel will best serve your design in printing? Textured, thick, or thin paper?
  • What finish do you desire? Will the design call for a glossy finish?
  • What printer will you utilize? Laser or inkjet? Offset or digital printing? Will it accommodate your design’s requirements (volume, dimensions, quality, etc.)?




If you feel overwhelmed with figuring out how to receive the best print and design outcome, consult a professional. It’s critical to understand the effects every choice in the process will give to the end result. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are able to give our expert advice for your quality printing needs. We collaborate with our clients to create the optimal results that they desire. Call us today to find out about what we offer!

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