Going to trade shows of any industry or cause can be a valuable experience. Being a part of a trade show is an experience of a lifetime. You are able to talk with people locally, across state lines, or even worldwide about your organization. How do you grab their attention in order to start that meaningful dialogue? It all depends on what type of back wall you want for your booth. Within the past few years, branded tensions displays have created a buzz in the trade show scene.


What Are Branded Tension Displays?


Branded tension displays are tension fabric displays customized to your brand and messaging. These exhibits are made of washable fabrics, wrinkle resistant, and feature high quality dye sublimation printing to grab the attention from near and far. There are options for indoor and outdoor displays, which means you aren’t limited to whatever booth location the trade show may have available/give you.


Most branded tension displays use an aluminum pushpin tube frame system that is easy and fast for set up. If you are in a bind or someone is late to the trade show, it’s simple enough for one person to assemble the wall in a few minutes time. What makes it easy is the fact that these types of displays are light-weight and portable. They’re typically set up starting from the ground first to then slipping the fabric over the frame and finishing with zipping it up. You can even opt for branded tension displays that come with their own carry bag.


Why Should I Consider Getting One?


On a trade show floor, you are competing with people next to you and the farthest point from your booth. It’s a tall order to have a display that is eye-catching when everyone else is trying to do the same. However, with branded tension displays you will already stand out with the crisp imaging, vibrant colors printed, no seams, and the ability to communicate your message with something that is up to 10 feet tall. It will set you apart from those that are utilizing traditional pop-up displays or only have promotional items. If you want the booth that stands out, you need something big enough to grab the attention; all the while, creating a memorable experience for your audience when they decide to engage with you.




If you want more information about branded tension displays, contact Mind’s Eye Cre8tive today. We can help you find the right type of display for your organization’s needs and budget. Call us today to get started on your next trade shows necessities!

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