Everybody loves to be doted over, and business is no different. Prospects, new clients, and old faithful consumers appreciate your attention and skill set, but they also appreciate an exceptional gift or two. The shock and awe package can potentially take a prospect 90% down the buy cycle. It’s one of the best sales tactics, where you can essentially come in after the package has been delivered and seal the deal. Take advantage of this opportunity for your optimal prospects and show them how professional, devoted, and delightful you can be. Allow them to feel and experience how much you care about them and their business. It doesn’t matter whether your business sells products or services, anyone can send and benefit from the shock and awe package. 


A brief history of the shock and awe package method


In the early 90’s arose a marketing legend, a guru some would say, named Dan Kennedy. He gained a lot of traction and attention for developing and polishing the shock and awe package method. You may be thinking that a marketing method in the 90’s can’t possibly work today. Though the times and items may change, the idea remains the same. 


A shock and awe package is a customized package that is mailed or delivered to an interested prospect, and the contents give all the needed information to make a buying decision. 


This does not mean that you are sending your prospect a giant folder with a bunch of pamphlets. These packages are meant to reflect their name by shocking and creating your prospects to experience awe when receiving them. Add various items that entertain and inspire. Engage their interest, exceed their expectations, and build their loyalty before you even meet face-to-face. 


What’s inside? 


Every shock and awe package varies based on the nature of your business and the context of your relationship pursuit (lead generation, new customer welcome package, loyal client appreciation). Customize your package accordingly with needed materials i.e. sales materials, orientation materials of sorts, or a personalized thank you card. 


One rule to follow with your contents: brand it all with your name and logo on it. You can include as many items as you want, but the idea behind the shock and awe package is to create the experience of opening presents on Christmas morning. Break up your contents into smaller pieces, so there are more moments to experience when opening. It’s a very similar idea to custom packaging for products. Add a few surprises that don’t necessarily pertain to your business i.e. coffee mugs, tumblers, around-the-house or around-the-office items, etc. It also depends on the cost you are willing to spend. If a client is worth $7,000 then you should be willing to spend more on them versus the client worth $700. Think about every element thoroughly no matter the worth of a client or prospect. 


If you have more questions or need help in creating the ideal shock and awe package, contact Mind’s Eye Cre8tive. We would love to boost your sales performance. It’s time to grow your business, so take advantage of this opportunity today!

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