With the likelihood that most employees and clients are now working from home, sending a little pick-me-up gift can go a long way. If you’re looking for something affordable and useful, consider custom drink sleeves. They can make this significant moment in time a more positive and memorable one. Whether it’s for a water bottle, 12 oz can, or beer bottle; you are able to continue spreading brand awareness throughout your employees or clients’ big or small life events. Here’s what you should know when choosing custom drink sleeves for promotional and marketing purposes.


Employees: Work Culture


If you are giving your employees a little extra something to show your appreciation or keep spirits up, your custom drink sleeves should reflect that and your work culture. Work culture is important to keep intact for various reasons, but it is a helpful tool when choosing the right gifts for your employees. A relaxed, tight-knit work culture will opt for a different item than a professional, strictly business work culture. One work culture is not better than the other, but there are better options for each place. A water bottle sleeve may suit one business more than a 12 oz can sleeve. These are things you’ll have to mull over depending on your operations.


You also should keep in mind that you have a budget. Depending on how many employees and how personalized you want your custom drink sleeves to be, you may consider different options. No matter what the outcome of your choice, you want a print management team that has quality products with top-notch printing techniques. Show your employees that you care with high quality gifts, whatever they may be. In the end, have fun with your custom design! Always reflect your brand with coloring, logo placement and whatever other messaging you want to add. You never know where your employees will utilize their sleeve and the brand awareness you want to create.


Clients: On Brand With An Additional Gift Or Card


When it comes to your clients, you always want to provide them with quality services and products to ensure loyalty over the years. With gift-giving, this is no different. You could send them a couple of custom drink sleeves with a lovely, personalized appreciation note. If you have decided to give them a basket of goodies or a couple of items, consider theming your gifts other than just promotional items from your organization. For example: give them a couple of beers with their new custom drink sleeves for beer bottles, or a water bottle with a bottle sleeve and a few healthy snacks.


The possibilities are endless. However, everything should reflect your brand and what your organization stands for. If your mantra is “work hard, play hard”, make sure your gifts reflect that. If one of your branding messages is creating healthy habits, your items should not be a bag of chips or artificially flavored candies. Your custom drink sleeves should reflect your branding messaging with proper brand colors, logo and any additional messaging you want to add.  Less is more when it comes to any promotional or marketing items. Your sleeves should be aesthetically pleasing and something you know a majority of your clients will get great usage out of. Keep it simple, and you’re likely to hit the jackpot.




Custom drink sleeves are fairly simple promotional items that can create brand awareness for years to come. They can be used at family gatherings, sporting events, and at holiday or major life celebrations. If done well, your employees and/or clients will create positive brand awareness in multiple settings on your behalf. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we provide quality printing services and products that will portray your organization in a positive light. We have printing techniques that result in the optimal outcome for your business. Call us today to start your designs for promotional and marketing materials today!

Published On: April 17th, 2020 / Categories: Branding, Print, Promo /