It’s time to take on the challenge and find the perfect promotional items during COVID-19.


Most organizations and companies have had to make cutbacks in some way, shape or form this year. It can be challenging to figure out how to restructure your budget for the year 2020 while you’re in the midst of it. When it comes to promotional items during COVID-19, there is still a way to rally around your employees, prospects, and loyal consumers by being safe. The amazing aspect of promo items is that it can bring people more together and give a sense of intentionality, which goes a long way with most folks nowadays. So, can you pivot your promotional items during COVID-19? What are the best items to invest in with your custom branding? Let’s dive right in! 


Branding Is Always Key


At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, we were seeing trends in popular and sustainable promo items. However, promotional items during COVID-19 pivoted some of those top trends due to the nation’s pandemic. No matter what the circumstance, state of the nation, or targeted audience; every promotional item must be branded and aligned with your company’s branding guidelines. This means that your items should reflect your brand in order to build brand awareness, create more recognition, and become more memorable altogether.


Whatever the item may be, you will have to choose proper color combinations, logo placement, messaging, and more. Adding long messaging or large print can do more damage than you think. Keep it simple, light and only print critical information onto your items. Less is more with giveaway products, but you’ll always need to add your logo.


Trends & Ideal Promotional Items During COVID-19


As trends shifted at the beginning of the year to now, some things still remain the same. For example, most consumers and employees still appreciate eco-friendly promo items. The trend of eco-friendly items has maintained its status over the last 5 years or so. However, one of the biggest pivots in trending promotional items during COVID-19 is the idea of “health and safety.” Popular promo items at the beginning of 2020 consisted of the following: Canvas tote bags, bottle and/or can koozies, reusable water bottles or drinkware, reusable straws, Pop Sockets, phone wallets, audio devices (i.e., Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, etc.), T-shirts, notebooks, and promotional pens. 


Since the series of lockdowns and stay at home orders, most of these trending items still have benefits. With the added element of safety and health, there have been different promotional items during COVID-19 that are now trending. Some of these items include masks, keychain hand sanitizers, no-contact openers or any no touch tool, and tissue packets. Remember that no matter what promo item you choose to produce, everything will be branded to represent and reflect your company. 




Since the future seems to be more unpredictable and unknown as ever before, one thing is certain. Companies and organizations that give promotional items during COVID-19 that reflect that they care about people’s well-being and safety stay top of mind longer. It curates a stronger loyalty with consumers and a healthy curiosity and appreciation from prospects.


At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are able to find the right promo items for your company during this time. We provide high quality services and products that will reflect exceptionally well on your organization. It is our pride and joy to watch our clients maintain and grow their businesses over the years. Follow us on social media. Call us today to find out more about our special offers! 

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