The product packaging and COVID-19 shift may have thrown a wrench in your budget, but it’s important and possible to be healthy, safe and provide customer satisfaction.


There has been a rise in importance with product packaging and COVID-19. It is incredibly vital to have high quality and innovative product packaging in order to build brand awareness. With lockdowns and shelter at home orders, e-commerce has become a complete necessity for most. This has driven product packaging demand up. Every business does have a budget though, so packaging options have to be “reeled in” to reality for some companies. Businesses have to adapt to COVID-19 updates and restrictions as well as the ever-shifting buying patterns of consumers regarding your products. 


Health And Safety


With going to the store becoming an inherent risk to contracting the virus, this has become one of the main reasons why people order products for delivery straight to their door. For many consumers, the risks do not end simply with delivery of their purchases. They want to feel confident that health and safety precautions have been taken by the company for the product packaging and COVID-19.


The spike in e-commerce web traffic has significantly surpassed even holiday shopping spikes of the past. Therefore, it is vital to provide product packaging design that accommodates for the rigors of shipping and up-to-date health guidelines. As you may have a product packaging design that does that, it is a great idea to provide copy somewhere about the safety and health precautions in your package. 


Sustainability Is Still Important 


The last decade there has been a trend of choosing materials that are eco-friendly and user-friendly. You’ll want to consider options like spatial constraints and how to splash your brand throughout the unboxing experience. The coronavirus has had a significant impact on our world as a whole. Being eco-friendly has become a prominent player with product packaging and COVID-19.


We have seen a steep drop in greenhouse gases and carbon emissions already since March. This is mostly due to the shelter in place orders that have been implemented throughout the year. Companies should continue to find and provide eco-friendly packaging for their consumers. Consider biodegradable and sustainable packaging as well as reusable product packaging and materials. 


User-Friendly Goes A Long Way


Since most people have been remaining at home, there is a surge in product unboxing videos on social media platforms. Being user-friendly means that you are more likely to get a social media promotion from consumers (without requesting it). You can build your brand significantly with safe, healthy, intriguing, and satisfying unboxing packaging design. If you create premium packaging, you have a 40% chance to be given a shout-out of some sort on social media through customers.


Utilizing your space well in packaging is critical. You’ll also need to strategically place your items and any copy provided in your packaging to have a successful unboxing experience. These are pieces of branded product packaging and COVID-19 that you’ll need to consider and decide on. 




Everything in your packaging should reflect your brand and what your company finds important. Your consumers are concerned with safety and health first and foremost with your product packaging and COVID-19. This means that you’ll need to consider these factors with design as well as sustainability and user-friendly elements. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we provide appropriate options that will elevate and represent your brand well with product packaging. Our high-quality services and products can serve your company and build your brand awareness. Check us out and find out more about what we offer by calling us today!

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