Don’t overlook the print branding benefits in 2020.


As we live in the digital era, a majority of marketing and promotional tactics are used through email, social media, texting, and anywhere else. However, with the past months of the pandemic, lockdowns and stay at home orders, organizations and companies of all sizes have tapped into the print once again. This tactic has helped many brands maintain, stay alive, or boost their numbers simply engaging with print branding benefits in 2020. Whether that’s with print ads, displays, or mail; it has been helpful for businesses to communicate with consumers directly on their COVID-19 restrictions, offerings, or updates. 


Direct Mail Campaigns


In any marketing campaign that your business does, you are only successful when you do it well. The same goes for direct mail marketing. As everyone’s time is precious, it’s important to not waste too much of it on design. Simply focus on your audience, test the market, and always make a great call to action. If your mail will be sitting on someone’s desk or table for days at a time, simple design and an easy-to-understand call to action is critical for true print branding benefits in 2020. 


We’ve seen the print branding benefits in 2020 occur for businesses that have taken the endeavor of direct mail. Here’s a few reasons why this tactic is impactful to your consumers: 


  • Easier to understand
  • More memorable 
  • Better response rates than email marketing
  • The average lifespan of an email is 2 seconds
  • Consumers spend an average 30 minutes reading through mail at any given time throughout the week 


That’s one large time gap between an email of 2 seconds and direct mail of 25 minutes. Your direct mail could be sitting on someone’s counter or table for days, while emails are brushed over or deleted within seconds. Existing on a consumer’s mind for a lengthier amount of time is one of the most sought-after print branding benefits in 2020. 


What To Know About Premium Print 


One of the biggest differences with a premium print and classic print is the thickness of paper. This single aspect improves the overall printing quality as well as visual quality displayed. Whether it’s photos, logos, charts, graphs, or figures for marketing purposes; premium offset printing is more cost effective when it comes to large quantities per unit. Another quality of difference between premium print and classic is the ink. You will have superior color quality in comparison, which serves your organization better with print branding benefits in 2020 such as recognition and spreading brand awareness. 




With these unprecedented times happening in our nation, knowing the print branding benefits in 2020 can be a game changer. That is most likely exactly what your organization needs at the moment. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we have always been a company that wants to see our clients flourish in whatever circumstance. We are here to provide high quality services and products that go above and beyond. Call us today for more information about our offerings!

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