To be or not to be? That is not the question these days. Rebranding or brand consistency is the question these days.


Your brand should ignite a feeling and a positive experience in prospects and consumers. One of the major goals for your brand is to be easily recognized. How can you do that if your colors induce negative feelings? Or your logo looks similar to a symbol with negative associations? What if you have two separate brands – one for print and one for digital platforms? It may be time to collect your thoughts and see if your organization is in dire need of rebranding or brand consistency. They are two different yet crucial factors for your business and brand to succeed over the years and furthermore through the decades.




There is a great opportunity to revisit and revise each item of your brand when you are rebranding. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will change and that your look will be unrecognizable at the end of the process. That would be considered building a new brand for your organization. Rebranding is the time to refine your look, feel, how your company is represented to your target audience, and reposition yourself to a higher level within your own industry. Your core essence will not be lost within a proper rebranding. So, is it time for your organization to consider rebranding or brand consistency?


Rebranding is a way to maintain relevance while staying strategic and competitive. The idea is to elevate your existing brand. It’s building off of the foundation you have already and tweaking it to evolve with the current times, your industry, society and culture in general, and your customers’ needs. If your business has been around for years but is not growing as it should; it may be time for a rebrand. These are other situations where you may need to consider a rebranding:


  • Repositioning in the market
  • No confidence when sharing website or business card
  • Attracting the wrong customers
  • Business name, website, or logo is hard to remember or recognize
  • Complicated existing brand: is it too difficult to explain what it is you do?
  • Management changes or shifting target audience


How can you tell you need a rebranding or brand consistency?


It can be difficult to decipher if you need a rebranding or brand consistency. When you’ve created a brand identity and guidelines, everything that has to do with your organization should reflect that. Everything. The definition of brand consistency is the practice of delivering messages that always align with your core brand values in the same tone. This goes further into your brand logo to a similar effect while repeating your color guidelines in every visual brand element.


When your brand is consistent through and through, it creates a growing brand awareness and recognition. You can set yourself apart from your competitors when building a strong association with your brand. From your website to your business cards, every promotional material or marketing strategy should be filtered through your branding guidelines.




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