Not many people want to admit that they are “emotional buyers.” When talking about “emotional buyers”, you may be thinking of the people that will go shopping to make themselves feel better. Someone that will go out of their way to purchase an item, specific snack, or their favorite beverage on their way home from a bad day at work. Those folks do exist, but they aren’t the only ones that have made purchases based on their emotional responses. We all have at one point; whether we were aware of it or not is the difference. One of the best ways to gain a positive brand perception is by leveraging your brand for an emotional response from your consumers.


How exactly can you tap into a consumer’s emotions? Isn’t this a risky way to build your brand perception? You want your brand to stick out amongst the others, and one of the most reliable ways to do that is by leveraging your brand for an emotional response. The ways in which you can do this well are through quality design and marketing campaigns to support your brand perception.


What is brand perception?


Let’s break it down. Your brand should reflect your mission, vision for your industry, company culture, and personality all built into one message. Perception is simply defined as a “mental impression of something as a result of its interpretation through the senses.” When you put the two together, brand perception is how consumers interpret a brand based on sensory information gathered through interactions with it. This means that brand perception is highly pivotal to your marketing strategy. It is a special result of a consumer’s experiences with your brand. This can essentially put “a face to a name”, or rather elevate your product or company into your brand.


How You Start Leveraging Your Brand For An Emotional Response


Marketers understand that a majority of buying decisions are based on emotions. Consumers buy on emotion and justify with logic afterwards. That’s how leveraging your brand for an emotional response from your consumers work. Emotional marketing will connect with your consumers in order to develop a meaningful relationship and cultivate loyal and lasting customers. All of this comes through your custom designs in packaging, marketing campaigns, and any digital or printed materials. Everything should be designed and executed exceptionally well in order to be consistent with your brand perception and perceived quality.


There are over 50 common reasons why people buy, but here are 5 reasons:


  • To make more money
  • To save time
  • To become more comfortable
  • To become more fit and/or healthy
  • To attract praise


In order to deliver the right message at the right time to your consumers, you need clarity on these two aspects: what they want most and the associated emotions. When you know those aspects with great clarity, you can create sales and marketing content that will truly instigate a connection, relationship, trigger emotions, and induce action. You need to research color theory, brand’s voice and tone, typography, what type of images attract the ideal reaction you’re looking for, and how your layout on any materials can affect the leveraging of your brand for an emotional response.




These tips can hopefully build into your brand’s long-term success. It will all depend on the personal, emotional connection you are able to make with your audience. Remember that when leveraging your brand for an emotional response is done well, the emotions associated with your brand are what will drive customers to repeat purchases, referrals, and sharing experiences over social media platforms. Mind’s Eye Cre8tive can help you get started or continue your brand perception. We can create custom designs, packaging, and any printed materials for your business and brand. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and how we can help your business become more successful. Call us today!

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