Billboards are not as popular anymore. Why? For one, you only gain brand exposure from those that will drive that route to see your billboard. Secondly, they are extremely pricey and you don’t retain solid sales leads from them. What’s a better, yet cheaper option? For entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses, you can gain brand exposure from branded apparel and gear. You can’t go wrong with branded apparel and gear when you want the most bang for your buck. 


Whatever industry you’re in, there’s always competition. The most vital aspects for success are having an exceptional reputation and name recognition. This means that you need to establish a set client base to obtain a respectable reputation in order to gain brand awareness. When you gain brand exposure from branded apparel and gear that’s customized well, you can have a significant impact on generating leads. That’s what every business wants, doesn’t it? 


The Break Down To Gain Brand Exposure From Branded Apparel and Gear


Our point is that you don’t have to pay for a billboard these days, you can be the billboard. A carefully designed message worn on yourself, your employees, or your consumers can attract others. Branded apparel and gear can help start conversations around your brand. Direct sellers typically face the problem of rejection in conversations all the time. However, when you’re wearing your brand someone else takes the initiative in starting a conversation about your brand. They ask about it, which gives you the best opportunity to communicate your message to a receptive audience. This person can even direct you to someone else (another lead) that may be interested in your service and/or product. You now have the powerful generator of word-of-mouth advertising. 


Creatively Spreading Your Message


When your mission is expanding your business, giving gifts to your customers can strengthen your ability in creating loyalty. If you treat your consumers well (and like humans), they will be more than happy to utilize your apparel and gear around family and friends. They typically are more willing to let others know about your brand if they feel cared for by your business


Generally, you want to create a clean and professional look on your gift materials. Subtlety is key in order to gain brand exposure from branded apparel and gear. When you distribute branded merchandise, it shows that you are truly invested in your brand. It also gives a positive impression that you will do what it takes for your company. 


Now, the possibilities of what customized, branded apparel or gear you can hand out as gifts are endless. Take note that not many people (if any) turn down a free T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie. However, depending on what your business specializes in, you can pick smaller and less expensive items to invest as gifts. There are always hats, scarves, tote bags, bandanas, socks, buttons, and so much more.


If you are interested in finding out what the best options are for your business, call Mind’s Eye Cre8tive today. We are happy to answer any of your questions on how to gain brand exposure from branded apparel and gear. 

Published On: June 27th, 2019 / Categories: Branding, Business Advice /