What are you doing with your holiday promotional displays?


The holiday season will look different this year in various ways. It will not be “business as usual” for the coming months; however, the holidays are not cancelled. Every business must keep that in mind and not lose hope. You will still need holiday promotional displays this year. It may look and feel different, but it is more necessary now than ever before. Consumers are looking for an escape, hope and happiness again. This year you will want to invest in holiday promotional displays that will engulf the consumer in an immersive experience while also reflecting your brand well. 


The Immersion 


The immersive experience for consumers has been an ever-growing popular and trendy route in varying promotional displays. With the pandemic and continued restrictions and guidelines for COVID-19, this marketing campaign option has been tabled throughout the year. However, it is not completely off limits for in-store usage. You can still create an immersive experience for consumers, and it will go a long way with holiday promotional displays this year.


Every person will process information differently; however, all people process through their five senses. Your sight accounts for 83% of processing information, which means that you’ll want your displays to be cohesive, eye-catching, and appropriately colored and sized for the merchandise. Some business owners want to make a lasting impression on their consumers by creating a particular environment or setting in their entire or specific sections of their store. Again, this can be done for holiday promotional displays, any yearly seasons, and other special promotions that you are holding for your consumers. Following a unifying theme can assist the overall effect to become powerful and intriguing. 


The Christmas Tree Effect


One of the greatest examples that has been trending with immersive holiday promotional displays is the Christmas tree effect. You can set up one or a couple or many Christmas trees, decorated with various theming, limited color choices, etc. If you decide to go with this option, you will want to consider at least one tree dedicated to your own store’s branding. This is a cute way to involve the creativity of your current employees and build brand awareness and recognition to consumers. If you don’t want a physical tree in your store or specific section of your store, you can again get creative.


Some organizations have opted to construct cardboard Christmas trees of their own with customized graphics and using branding guidelines. Other companies have opted to take creativity to a whole new level by utilizing their own products to create Christmas trees with incredibly original designs. These options are eye-catching in the best way possible for holiday promotional displays. Consumers will appreciate the thought, energy, and detail that were put into any one of these choices. Whatever Christmas tree set up that you choose, you will want to consult with your print management agency to orchestrate in design and produce the best products to utilize. 


Winter Wonderland 


Another intriguing option for an immersive experience is crafting the ultimate in-store Winter Wonderland. As consumers this year are looking for an extra bit of happiness and hope, you can transport them to the North Pole with any 3-dimensional merchandise holiday promotional displays. You can also have your print management agency design sturdy temporary displays that allow shoppers to walk through.


From one section of your store to the other, the point of purchase displays will entice consumers to parts of the store they may have not intended to walk through initially. Whether it be for the experience, curiosity, or to get a specific item; the Winter Wonderland option allows for creativity, teamwork, and the potential for incredible sales results. You may end up in an Instagram post or Tik Tok that goes viral, who knows? 




The holidays are a special time for everyone. For your in-store consumers, you want to make the entire experience special as well. Whether that’s with a total immersive experience or just a few holiday promotional displays here and there, you want to make sure that everything is printed right and constructed correctly the first time. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are able to collaborate and find the right in-store promotional displays that your merchandise and store deserve. Through our up-to-date printing techniques, we are able to provide high quality services and products for our clients all year round. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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