What does your holiday product packaging for 2020 look like?


Since there has been a rise in importance with product packaging due to COVID-19 this year, it looks to be no different this holiday season. Holiday product packaging for 2020 is a critical element in ending the year off on a good note with consumers and/or employees. Depending on how you are delivering your gifts, your packaging can become the entire experience to both employees and consumers alike.


A great way of accomplishing a successful gift giving is by immersing the receiver in the experience of unboxing with unique packaging that pays close attention to detail, still reflects the company’s brand, and adds a personal touch. All these factors you can achieve by following a few steps when choosing your holiday product packaging for 2020. 


Immersive And Unique While Reflecting Your Brand


For the holiday season, it is a pleasant surprise to consumers when you choose to spice up your existing packaging for a custom Christmas design. This can be done by printing elements of your brand incorporating the holiday season on parts of your holiday product packaging for 2020 such as your carrier bags, tissue paper, mailers, etc. For example, you can add a festive touch to your logo like mistletoe, a star, or a special, red-nosed reindeer. This can be printed onto your packaging itself, ribbons, or even customized stickers that seal your tissue, boxes, or pouches. You can incorporate both the holiday season and your brand in the same elements. 


With e-commerce becoming a necessity throughout the last year, it is critical to create an immersive, unique experience for consumers when they unbox your product. When you invest in premium packaging, the attractiveness of your product skyrockets. You can take a step further this year by tying in a social media campaign with your holiday product packaging for 2020. This is a way to amplify your brand awareness and boost brand recognition online.


By either using influencer marketing or having an increased activity on your social media channels, you can help your business gain more traction during the holidays by your unboxing alone. Therefore, you want to pay attention to the details of your choices in product packaging. It can pay dividends in the end.


It’s All In The Details


The detailing of your holiday product packaging for 2020 has the potential of boosting your sales. Some of these details include eco-friendly packaging, reusable packaging, sprinkling in color, and so much more. When you consult with your print management agency, they will be able to ask you all the necessary questions to define all the details in your packaging. It all depends on what your brand finds to be important and worth promoting.


For example, both eco-friendly and reusable packaging have been on the rise in trends for the last few years. This is due to the increase of companies knowing that their consumers and their brand both find the environment to be of great importance. Plus, brands like the idea that if they opt for reusable packaging, their brand awareness can spread farther than their customer’s home. It can become a part of their daily lives, which means there’s a potential for family, friends, or anyone they encounter asking about your company. 


Adding That Personal Touch


One magnificent element that can take a first-time consumer to a loyal one is adding a personal touch to your holiday product packaging for 2020. With the holidays, your company may see an increase in first-time buyers. Whether it’s for themselves or someone they love, you still need to make a long-lasting impression past the “wow” factors mentioned above.


By adding a personalized greeting card customized with the customer’s name on it, it can evoke the warm feelings of the holidays. If you have a small business, you may want to consider handwritten notes. Though this can be a sacrifice of time, it will show your appreciation for your consumers. It also shows that you are willing to go the extra mile and that you care. This personal touch is an inexpensive yet practical way to add a little holiday cheer to your holiday product packaging for 2020. 



This year has been a tough one for a majority in our nation. If you can do anything this season for your consumers, you may want to consider spreading a little Christmas cheer. Anything that brings joy and hope to the world is optimal. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we provide appropriate options that will elevate and represent your brand well with product packaging. Our high-quality services and products can serve your company and build your brand awareness. Check us out and find out more about what we offer by calling us today!

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