With more people spending time outdoors, you may want to invest in custom outdoor banners!


There are a multitude of ways to draw attention to your company or event. With the rise of digital marketing with the use of social media platforms, it can feel like those are your only avenues of finding your target audience. However, it is important to remember the physical ways that you can catch your target audience. There is always a need for physical printed materials like custom outdoor banners.


Since more people are spending time outdoors, it’s the perfect time to seize the moment. It is a simple form of advertisement for your company, brand, current promotion, or upcoming event. They are consistent in their ability to grab the attention of your audience, reach the masses, versatile in use, and being affordable and effective in your marketing plan. With any printed promotional material like custom outdoor banners, you’ll want to consult with a professional or your print management agency to provide high quality materials, utilize state of the art printing techniques, and deliver exquisite final products. 




Custom outdoor banners are diverse in the ways that they can be used. Whether you are a school wanting to celebrate your recent graduates or a store with a new product, outdoor banners are an incredible marketing material that reaches the masses. Compared to other forms of outdoor marketing, custom outdoor banners are inexpensive. While social media management and digital media are continual tactics in your marketing, a banner works great in tandem with whatever current strategy you have going. It is a way to step up your ground game and a marketing material that works 24/7 for you as long as you have it up.


If you are looking to make a stronger connection with your community or locals in a specific area, outdoor banners are a chance to increase brand awareness and recognition. It is typical for more than one-third of drivers in the local community near a custom outdoor banner to see your outdoor advertisement. You may be able to increase that number based on the location of your banner (i.e., highways, roadsides, busy intersections, etc.). They do not have to only be utilized for marketing. This is one of the greatest advantages of custom outdoor banners. Outdoor banners can also be a way to welcome visitors, indicate a grand opening, provide vital information, generate excitement around an upcoming event, or bring more awareness to a specific cause. 




One of the greatest benefits of custom outdoor banners is that they can be printed faster than other traditional outdoor signage. This helps for those that are utilizing banners for a shorter amount of time (i.e., event, flash sales, promotion, etc.). They are easy and quick to install, which is always a bonus. Tear down is just as simple as the installation process. It won’t take you hours; it will take you minutes.


Another great benefit to custom outdoor banners is the fact that they are extremely durable. With specific materials and high-quality printing techniques, you can expect your banner to last two to size years before it begins to fade. This accounts for the rains, harsh winds, and prolonged periods of sun exposure. It is good to keep in mind the fact that UV rays will be the cause for any deterioration or fading eventually. After you consult with a professional or your print management agency, you will know what options are best for your custom outdoor banners. 


A Few Recommendations


Outdoor banners are made with different materials than indoor banners. It is critical to know what materials and printing techniques are best for your needs. As mentioned previously, it is best to consult with your print management agency to know what is needed for your desired project. If you are wanting your signage to be displayed outdoors, then your best choice would be a vinyl banner. Vinyl banners are constructed in such a way that allows it to be the most versatile, durable, and optimal material for the great outdoors. How?


Vinyl custom banners are UV and water-resistant while being able to withstand the elements longer. It’s the least likely material to become faded by the sun, torn, or ripped apart. This type of banner offers a semi-gloss appearance and exceptional image quality. They’re the ultimate choice for outdoor usage and drawing customers to your business or cause. There is also the choice of mesh banners, which are highly popular for displaying outdoors at sporting events.




Your company, brand, event, cause, or welcome signage deserves high quality materials and printing to reflect whatever you are promoting properly. Whatever purpose or place you want to display your custom outdoor banners; you want a print partner that can deliver on all your needs. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, our priority is providing high quality services and products that reflect your brand exceptionally by utilizing state of the art printing techniques. We are here to print your marketing and branding items all year round. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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