Nothing draws attention like free stuff. According to an article published in Times Business, consumers who received a free promotional item were 15% more likely to talk about the company they received it from on social media. In this e-commerce-driven market, that means a lot. What better way to keep your brand in people’s minds than with stainless steel promotional items?

Free t-shirts and bags are great, but if you want to give potential new customers something that’ll remind them about your brand every day, here are 10 stainless steel products you can give away by mail, with purchase or at your next trade show. No matter which one you choose, we’ll work with you to make sure your stainless steel promo items fit your branding and vision.

Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mugs

84% of coffee drinkers frequently prepare coffee at home. While they may start with a cup at home, they’re likely to take another with them on morning commutes and running errands.

By giving away durable stainless steel travel coffee mugs emblazoned with your company’s logo, new customers will start every day with your company in mind — even if they haven’t purchased anything yet. How’s that for targeted advertising?

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

A 2020 survey found that about 60% of respondents use re-usable water bottles. That makes a stainless steel water bottle giveaway a surefire way to keep your business on consumer’s minds.

If you give them away at trade shows and conferences, you might even see people using them before the event is over. Attendants who haven’t visited your booth might be encouraged to stop by if they see throngs of people hydrating themselves courtesy of your company.

Stainless Steel Straws

Keeping with the beverage theme, branded stainless steel straws are the perfect promo item for environmentally-conscious businesses. Pair them with travel mugs for an elegant, eco-friendly giveaway package. Many come with brushes so customers can enjoy your promo straws for years to come.

Stainless Steel Pens

Looking for something a little more compact yet just as useful as a mug or bottle? Stock your business or booth with stainless steel pens. If recipients take them to their own workplaces, you’ll have an army of tiny billboards in offices across the nation.

Spatulas and Grill Scrapers

Is your customer base a more relaxed bunch? Do they like kicking off their weekends with a few beers while slapping steaks on the grill? With a stainless steel spatula or grill grate scraper decorated with your company’s logo, they’ll associate you with good times and even better company.

Credit Card Bottle Openers

Trying to get more business at your restaurant, bar or brewery? Giving out stainless steel credit card bottle openers is a great way to establish your brand as the top business for everything chill and relaxing. Every time a customer pops the cap on a craft beer, they’ll think of you.

Stainless Steel Pint Glasses

Imagine you’re hosting or have a booth at a large community cookout. Instead of buying hundreds of disposable plastic cups, invest in some branded stainless steel pint glasses.

As families play games and come back to your booth for more lemonade, soda or beer, they’ll be sipping out of cups featuring your brand’s logo. They can even take them home so they’re reminded of just how great of an event your company hosted.

Pet Food and Water Bowls

To animal lovers, pets are family. If you’re a local dog walker, pet grooming business or adoption agency, giving out stainless steel pet bowls makes you part of that family. Come meal time, two- and four-legged customers of every breed will remember your business.

Pocket and Utility Knives

Whether you’re a camping equipment retailer or an outdoor lifestyle clothing brand, chances are your customers use a pocket knife every day. While this stainless steel promo item is a little more targeted than the rest of the items on our list, pocket and utility knives convey that your business is a cut above the rest.

Stainless Steel Watches

Need something a bit more exciting than a pen but classier than a knife? Advertise yourself with stainless steel watches. While a watch is a little more expensive than other items on our list, they’re stylish promo items for golf scrambles, raffles and business seminars.

Why Bother With Stainless Steel Promo Items?

With everything that goes into a business’s budget, is it worth it to invest in stainless steel promo items? Won’t cheaper alternatives do the trick?

Marketing insiders explain that people just love free stuff no matter what it is or what it’s made of, but remember — promo items could be the first and longest-lasting impression people have of your brand. Would you trust a law firm peddling shoddy pens or an auto parts retailer that gives out cracked plastic water bottles?

Along with creating a less-than-ideal image of your brand, cheap, one-time-use promo items are bad for the environment. To become a trusted brand known for heralding the cause of a healthy planet, invest in more durable options like stainless steel promo items. Your customers and planet will thank you.

Find Stainless Steel Promo Items Suited to Your Consumer Base

If you’re investing in high-quality promo items, you want them to be as useful and tailored to your clientele as possible. At MEC.Ink, we make investing more in your marketing budget worth it.

Along with stainless steel products, we offer a range of fully-customizable promo items that really tell the world about your business. Because we don’t use a standard stock of generic items, we can work with you on creating marketing materials that are as unique as they are eye-catching. Contact us today for pricing and creative ideas. With our experience and cutting-edge printing techniques, this could be your business’s best year yet.

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