The future of trade show displays will take great preparation and creativity.


With the future of in-person trade shows hanging in the balance, what does this mean for you? Is it worth participating in a virtual trade show? How do you stand out virtually? What are the pros and cons? Some of these questions may be swirling in your mind as the year is coming to an end soon. What will 2021 hold for the future of trade shows? From what we do know, there is a greater chance that trade shows will first come back virtually before limited in-person audiences. If trade shows will be virtual (or even hybrid), what does that mean for the future of trade show displays then? 


What Virtual Trade Shows Offer


You may not be able to fully replicate live demonstrations, networking, or product sampling as you once did face-to-face with in-person trade shows. However, you are still able to create a meaningful experience with the future of trade show displays, reflect your brand well, and have virtual trade show giveaways. If you are ambitious and you opt to participate in hybrid events, it offers the value of being in-person with some and scheduled virtual offerings for others. It gives an opportunity to engage leads into a tight content marketing strategy as well as year-round availability. 


It is best to also consider all the elements with both completely virtual and potentially hybrid trade shows. For example, if it is hybrid, will you be indoors at a venue or a venue outdoors? Both of those environments come with pros and cons. If you are outdoors, you may not need to wear a mask, which is great for presentations and people connecting with you more. However, you’ll need to think of the outdoor elements impeding or distracting from your presentation.


If you are indoors, you will not have to worry about birds chirping, wind, or potential weather issues. You may need to wear a mask, which means that you will need to project your voice and enunciate throughout your presentation. In any scenario, you will need to consider the future of trade show displays, sound, lighting, virtual technologies, and more. 


Creating The Experience 


Trade shows are all about creating an experience. This experience has to be memorable and eye-catching. The experience that you are creating all starts with your display. The future of trade show displays can look a bit different, considering you will either be in your workplace office with a few colleagues or even your own home. While you are certainly able to create and utilize a digital backdrop with your branding splashed throughout the graphic; it certainly does not paint a professional look to those you are presenting to. You’ll want to transform your own space at home or in your office to represent you the same way as if it were an in-person event.


You will have to think of it as print displays for virtual events being just as important, if not more, to consumers or prospects as it would be in-person. Utilizing drape backdrops or customized printed banners is a preference you will have to decide on. Think of any virtual trade show to have the potential of becoming a hybrid or complete in-person trade show.


You want to create as much of an immersive experience as possible – from the potential of it being in your home or a convention center. Whatever the case may be, you will still need printed displays. 


The Future Of Trade Show Displays And Banners


As the years go on, attendees at trade shows are inundated with promotional jargon everywhere. This means that it has become more apparent and important for your company to get more creative with your ad space and truly stand out amongst the crowd. Whether you are at home or at a venue, you will want to start utilizing every inch of the space you are given. Plus, it’s best to take advantage of as many branding elements as possible.


Whatever your dimensions are, the future of trade show displays, and their success depends on your print management agency. You want to have a printing partner that delivers displays and banners that are innovative, using high quality materials and state of the art printing technology.


A print agency’s priority is to reflect your brand. If you have a print partner that does not recreate your logo, brand colors, etc., just like what is on your online presence, then you may want to look for a replacement agency to handle bigger projects such as trade shows and events. For example, when you approach your print management agency, you will need to cover the aspect of lighting. Either tell the agency what your lighting situation is so they can create your banner or backdrop appropriately; or you will need to ask what lighting solution they recommend showing off the true vibrancy of your display. All these factors determine your overall success at a trade show. 




It is important to consider all the new elements that may create more sales and revenue. The future of trade show displays is not that different than before. They do, however, require more thought and planning than pre-pandemic days. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are here to help our clients succeed. We provide quality services and products that will reflect your brand exceptionally well. If you are looking for a print management agency, call us today to find out more information about what we offer and how we can service you!

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