Are you looking for the perfect table top display? Are you looking for a table top display that is unique, stand-out, ecological? It does not matter what line of business you are in, we have the perfect table top display that functions differently than any other you have seen or used before. You may be going to an expo and need some promotional material, the STICK ’N’ GLIDE can be your simple and stand-out item for your table.


This is not exclusive to being an expo or promotional item. The STICK ‘N’ GLIDE can be used in the hospitality sector or as a counter display in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, retail, and even electronics industries. We are loving the versatility this product can serve for a multitude of businesses. Every business is different, and we understand the desire to stand out. This product can do that for you simply because they are customizable and the functionality is clever.


STICK ‘N’ GLIDE: Functionality and Customizable


One item that gives you a multitude of applications is the STICK ‘N’ GLIDE. You can use it as a special menu, promotional display, holder for drink coasters or folders, and even functions as a desk calendar. It is available with a writing layer to it if that’s what your company needs. This patented table display has been specifically created for outdoor use. Even on the most windiest of days, it stays in one place.


The craziest part about this product is that there is no sticky substances used to keep the display standing up on windy days. Yes, it’s contradictory to the name, but that’s the genius of it all. This item uses slippery plastic and brilliant design to make the display act more like a suction cup to the table. By doing this, it is more ecological than other table display solutions. To go a step further, this display is rain and wind-resistant and recyclable. The STICK ‘N’ GLIDE can slide easily over table surfaces, but it will not fall off or blow away. It’s like magic. Seriously, we can’t figure out the engineering of it all, but it works!

This item is a patented display that can be designed and customized for your specific needs. Whatever you desire to utilize it as, you can contact us to receive a quote or even a sample of the product.

Published On: May 30th, 2019 / Categories: Branding, Featured Product /