When you sign up to have a booth at the expo, you may have thirty seconds worth of excitement followed by a minute’s worth of terror. After that you and your staff kick it into high gear of preparing everything for this expo. This can create a complete frenzy in your office because you’re gathering the essentials for the expo alongside trying to keep up with your regular day-to-day work. Let’s be honest, it can be chaotic. However, you want to make all the stress worth it for you, your staff, and your business. That pay off can come in something as simple as expo gear. It may be hard to believe but expo gear can be a game changer for your future business. 


Your Expo Gear Can Be A Game Changer With These Expo Essentials


In this digital era online marketing strategies are critical to your business; however, conferences, expos, trade shows, live events give that essential face-to-face experience with potential clients. It gives you a great opportunity to create new meaningful relationship. One thing that you want to do at your expo booth is create an experience for your future consumers. For that to happen, you should connect and communicate with your audience before the show. Through social media, you can persuade your audience to make your booth a priority to visit. How? Marketing opportunities of giveaways and hinting at expo gear to acquire. You want to build hype around your business and brand. Your expo gear can be a game changer, and these details will all lead to that. 


For those that pass by your booth, attract your audience by creating interactive elements and a cohesive branding campaign. A display backdrop, booth accessories, promo items, and any other materials that grab your attention with subtlety. Find ways to show your work culture or personality in your booth too. Expo gear can be a game changer if you create an experience that is memorable for your audience. 


Expo Gear Choices


Here’s what you want to know: what expo gear works for boosting my business! Each year has new trends, so here are the trends for 2019. It’s up to you if you want your gear to be branded or not. We recommend to print your logo and/or have your brand colors on your expo gear for your potential clients to reference back to when they get home. If you’re preparing for an expo 6 months from now or in a time pinch, Mind’s Eye Cre8tive would love to help you. This expo gear can be a game changer for your business this year. Take full advantage of it while you can! 


These are the expo gear trends for 2019


  • Hats
  • Scarves and/or Hankies 
  • PopSocket
  • Reusable Metal Straw And Case
  • Custom Socks
  • Webcam Covers
  • Card Holders
  • Sunglasses
  • Microfiber Cloth In Branded Booklet 
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