This year it is critical to know what are effective promo items during COVID-19.


The times have definitely changed for businesses in the wake of the pandemic. Most organizations are trying to find effective promo items during COVID-19. The amazing aspect of promo items is that it can bring people more together and give a sense of intentionality, which goes a long way with most folks nowadays. Understanding the human brain can help you select unique and appropriate promotional products that reflect your branding well and take your marketing strategies to the next level. It’s all about recognizing the human behavior and what people are currently valuing, especially with COVID-19 in the midst. Here are some helpful tips for you to find the effective promo items during COVID-19 for you and your organization. 


Using Effective Promo Items During COVID-19 For Marketing Strategies 


When done correctly and with quality materials (and printers), it is worth the investment with effective promo items during COVID-19 for promotional product or service marketing. While it may seem risky, organizations use promo products as a part of their marketing strategies for campaigns. The risks typically include cost-effectiveness and brand awareness. However, promo items are incredible marketing tools because they are cost-effective compared to other advertising methods. However, even finding high quality materials to customize and put your brand on (i.e., name, logo, messaging, etc.) are reasonably priced when you have the right print management agency on your side.


The other factor is brand awareness. When you are able to give promotional gifts to potential clients, current customers, or employees; you are able to build your brand awareness. It can be a simple item like a branded pen, T-shirt, reusable water bottle, custom face coverings, or sunglasses. The list is endless in possibilities of items that are reusable that will increase your brand’s visibility in different settings. 


Examples Of Effective Promo Items During COVID-19


You can pick an item or two to give as promotional or marketing gifts to clients or employees; however, there’s a lot more you can do to show your appreciation with effective promo items during COVID-19. There are plenty of options to choose from that are relatively based on your brand’s values and budget. You can opt for a care package, environmentally friendly items, two-in-one products, trending items, and products that promote mental well-being. Any of these categories are effective promo items during COVID-19 that will serve your organization and brand well. 


Since the series of lockdowns and stay at home orders, most of the trending effective promo items during COVID-19 still have benefits. Those trending products include some of the following: Canvas tote bags, bottle and/or can koozies, reusable water bottles or drinkware, reusable straws, Pop Sockets, phone wallets, audio devices (i.e., Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, etc.), T-shirts, notebooks, and promotional pens. With the added element of safety and health, there have been different promotional items during COVID-19 that are now trending. Some of these items include masks, keychain hand sanitizers, no-contact openers or any no touch tool, and tissue packets.


Remember that no matter what promo item you choose to produce, everything will be branded to represent and reflect your company. If you are curious about care packages, two-in-one products, or any other effective promo categories; consult with your print management agency or a professional for more information about each option. 




Finding the right promo item can be a difficult, time-consuming, and daunting task. However, when you have a print management agency that is exceptional at their profession, you will be able to rest easy and gain the benefits of effective promo items during COVID-19. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we provide high quality services and finished products to our clients. Our priority is to create and produce items that reflect your brand in the best light. Call us today to find out more about what we have to offer you and your organization! 

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