We aren’t lying to you when we say that direct mail is coming back – a real life come back. You may be curious as to how or why that could be true. One simple way to put it is this: the internet is saturated with ads and promotional materials while your mailbox just isn’t anymore. The tables have turned in the last decade or so with regard to physical ads.


Since your IRL mailbox is typically full of bills, your mail will receive more visibility than some of your email marketing campaigns. Most business owners under the age of 35 have rarely (if ever) considered a direct mail campaign. This is mostly due to the upbringing of growing in an increasingly paperless world. It just seems crazy to the younger entrepreneurial generation. No matter what, it’s best to do your due diligence in business and research the benefits and disadvantages of each type of marketing campaign. There are plenty of other reasons why direct mail is coming back. You have to face it though, it’s alive and well.


People Aren’t Reading Emails Like They Used To


Since every company is screaming to get your attention online through social media or email marketing, there’s a little over 50% of those emails will not be read. That’s because that percentage of people admit to not reading their emails regularly. What’s worse is that some studies have shown that more than 95% of emails from marketing campaigns will never be opened. This is probably contributed from the rise of spam and email viruses that are frequently send to email users. There have been multiple studies that indicated the following information:


  • The average lifespan of an email is 2 seconds
  • Consumers spend an average 30 minutes reading through mail at any given time throughout the week
  • Typically consumers spend 30 minutes in catalogs, 45 minutes in magazines, and 25 minutes in direct mail


That’s one large time gap between an email of 2 seconds and direct mail of 25 minutes. Your direct mail could be sitting on someone’s counter or table for days, while emails are brushed over or deleted within seconds.


Benefits From Direct Mail Coming Back


In any marketing campaign that your business does, you are only successful when you do it well. The same goes for direct mail marketing. Because direct mail is coming back, it’s important to not waste your time on design, focus on your audience, test the market, and always make a great call to action. If your mail will be sitting on someone’s desk or table for days at a time, simple design and an easy to understand call to action is critical.


We’ve seen the benefits occur for businesses that have taken the endeavor of direct mail marketing. Here’s a few reasons why direct mail is impactful to your consumers:


  • Easier to understand
  • More memorable
  • Better response rates than email marketing


If you are interested in receiving more details about your direct mail marketing options, please call Mind’s Eye Cre8tive today. We are eager to help you find the best ways to reach your audience and build your business. Direct mail is coming back, and you want to be the first ones to make a significant impact on your target audience.

Published On: June 15th, 2019 / Categories: Business Advice /