What does digital branding in a virtual workplace look like?


It has become more and more common to have virtual employees. Within the last year, we’ve seen the largest increase in work from home since before the recession. Technology has helped businesses and employees stay alive and safe by doing just that. While with anything there are pros and cons to the adjustments we’ve had to make this last year, it is important to note the rise in digital branding in a virtual workplace. Since a majority of people are functioning almost solely online, your online presence has more weight than ever before. Is your organization successful in their digital branding methods, marketing strategies and campaigns? 


Benefits Of Digital Branding In A Virtual Workplace


There are plenty of benefits to digital branding in a virtual workplace, but we’ll focus on the main ones that occur most frequently: 


  • With building your digital branding identity, you can convert customers into brand loyalists. We all know someone that is loyal to a specific brand, and they tend to convert others along the way. By elevating your company’s values with personable messaging that reflects your overall brand, you can intrigue consumers enough with time to win them over.
  • Your business can stay ahead of competitors and maintain a competitive advantage amongst those that are the same size or bigger than your business. Digital branding in a virtual workplace can set you aside from those competitors that are not investing in their online presence as much as you are. 
  • If your business is not found online, people will care less (if at all) about you. When you drive traffic to your site, you can drive traffic through your sales quicker. 
  • Digital branding in a virtual workplace is a multi-channel approach to improving your business presence online. Using multiple channels, you can reach more of your target audience and customers. 
  • If you are not able to respond to customer queries online or social media platforms, your business will lose the audience’s trust. Stay engaged with your customers when they walk in the door, give you a call or inquire online. Consistent engagement can bring in consistent business. This is the new age of digital branding in a virtual workplace. 


Brand Identity Through Branded Visuals & Brand Guide


Since we are experiencing COVID-19 and e-commerce has become a way for businesses to continue, you will have to create branded visuals online. What if your brand identity is rooted in something like luxury? If your brand consists of luxury, it can be tricky since your consumers may be sitting on their couch in their pajamas all week. The best that you can do is allow your branded visuals to speak for your organization through your digital branding in a virtual workplace. You will also need to provide proficient customer service, convenient shopping experiences, and exciting product packaging. 


When you are utilizing your brand guide, you are able to maintain a consistent brand identity in branded visuals and digital branding in a virtual workplace. It is important that when you are putting together any online campaign or project, you need to invest in professional and appropriate imagery. For example, when you are selling a product, you do not want to use photos with lighting or a setting that does not reflect your brand. Color schemes are crucial for consistency, and any imagery such as branded visuals need to reflect that. Everything, and we mean everything, must follow your brand guide. 




You may be at a critical point in your business, making tough decisions every day. Do not neglect the importance of digital branding in a virtual workplace. It can bring more people on your team while reinforcing sales and providing quality digital materials. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we provide high quality services and finished products for you to post and/or print. Every project we work on fully reflects your brand in the best light. Call us today to find out more about what we offer and to get started on a collaboration!

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