Creating your digital and printed branding is critical for your company and marketing teams.


Dedicating the necessary time to decipher your branding guidelines has incredible benefits for your future growth in your business or organization. Whether your organization has been around for decades or started this year, it’s crucial to have consistent digital and printed branding across the board. What exactly does this mean? Why is that such an important factor to stay on top of? The simple answer: When your brand is consistent from your website to your printed marketing materials, you’ll be more recognizable while creating a more significant and long-lasting experience for your consumers. This is what your goal should be throughout the livelihood of your business.


One Branding Guideline To Maintain


In this digital age, some business owners consider the digital branding to be of greater importance. You don’t want to get stuck on the hamster wheel of any and all relevant trends online. That can get exhausting and expensive for little to no return. Though trends should not be ignored altogether, this marketing tactic must act cohesively with your branding guidelines. Imagine your brand as a person. You want to avoid having what may seem to be a schizophrenic brand. Your digital and printed branding should be the same person online as they are in person. Thinking of your brand as a person can ensure consistency.


All Facets Should Work Together With Your Digital And Printed Branding


All facets need to work together with the lens of your branding guidelines at all times – no exceptions. This means that your digital and printed branding should both utilize the same branding guidelines. Unfortunately, some small to medium-sized businesses have created two separate brands, which will eventually confuse your consumers over time.


Once you confuse your consumers, you have lost them. You won’t be easily recognizable to them and they’ll associate your organization with confusion, being unorganized, and the inability to be reliable. These are experiences you obviously want to avoid. In order to maintain your brand and messaging online and physically, you must be vigilant about every aspect of marketing. This varies from your social media accounts to your online shopping cart, from your business cards to packaging, and everything in between for your digital and printed branding.




When it comes to design and physical marketing materials, you’ll need a print management company that provides quality services and products. If you are printing your logo on business cards or banners, it should look the same and truly reflect your organization. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we use our expertise and printing techniques in order to ensure just that. We provide high quality digital and printed branding and promotional materials. Call us to find out more about the services we offer and how we can help your business flourish today!

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