What are the design trends for you and your brand?


This year many businesses have hoped for lifted restrictions and less guidelines to follow in hopes that we are entering into post-pandemic days. While your company may have settled for minimalism in the marketing and promotional departments, it is time to usher those back into your budget. You will want to have both digital and printed materials to reflect your brand with intriguing designs. This means that your brand will have to choose the right design trends for you to experiment with and/or commit to for the coming year. 


Neuomorphic Design Elements


Neumorphism is an effect that resembles digital embossing or debossing. It represents a merging of both trends. These design trends mimic physicality through selective drop shadows while being overlaid with semi-flat colors. The last several years designers have been living in the flat design era for any promotional or marketing campaigns; however, with neumorphism, they are able to reclaim the tactile experience that was lost with the flat designs. This design trend is far from the leveled, 2D feel.


It may be one of a few design trends for you to try this year. You can expect to see a stylized realism. Graphics will appear almost tangibly, touchable real. It can be applied to buttons, search bars, text boxes, etc. If you have an appreciation for things that are “real”, even in the online world, then it may be worth the try.




Graphic design concepts have become focused on clean, natural-feel colors, tones and graphics. This design trend flows from websites to business cards to displays. Many industries are focused on sustainability. It went from buzzword to a key element over the course of a couple years. You may be wondering if this is one of the design trends for you to consider for the coming year.


Some examples of organic design changes include changing harsh-edged fonts for softer and more welcoming circular shapes in text. Another example is color palette. If you want to opt for an organic design, then consider earthy colors, smooth lines, clean and uncomplicated visuals, and overall simplicity. These choices evoke a feeling of honesty and authenticity to your audience. 


Custom Illustrations


With the increase of time on the internet for most people nowadays, it makes it harder for businesses to stand apart from others. This is especially true if you are using stock imagery. While it is ideal to utilize stock imagery for certain marketing strategies or campaigns, it is not the best route for all marketing and promotional campaigns for your company. You need your visuals to be unique, which means that custom illustrations have a lot to offer your business. It gives your brand the opportunity to branch away from stock-standard visual representations in order to become more detailed and intentional with your designs.


This may be one of the design trends for you to acquire into your brand guidelines this year. It certainly pays off in dividends to stand out and have content of your own that you are proud to put out into the digital world. Custom illustrations can also go a long way with any printed materials that your company may need. Whether it is printed or digital, your print management agency should have the best recommendations that will continue to reflect your brand as you try something new. 


Digital Interpretations Of Physical Products


Another one of the design trends for you to try this year may be digital interpretations of your physical products. If the last year has launched you into e-commerce, then you have learned quickly that it’s important for your website to have incredible imagery of your products and even their packaging. This approach creates visual synergy between product and website. It also makes web pages feel more organic. It’s a blend of the real and digital worlds. Again, your print management agency can help you produce the digital interpretations of your physical products that fit your brand. 




Your company’s digital presence has become more important the past year than ever before. Now, as we enter the potential of full reopening throughout our nation, you will want to invest in the design trends for you with both printed and digital materials. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we do just that for every client and project. We can provide up to date printing techniques and high quality customized printed products for any of your business’s needs. Find out more about what we offer by calling us today!

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