Should your company create custom face coverings as promotional items?


As with any organization, it has been difficult to function as usual throughout a pandemic. Most businesses have been forced to adapt to the new guidelines and requirements as they seem to have changed each month. It can be daunting and exhausting to keep up to date with everything. To some, it begs the questions, “How do you boost morale?” Again, answering this question can feel daunting and even exhausting. One simple way that you can encourage your employees, colleagues, clients, consumers, etc. is by giving custom face coverings. 


Branding On Custom Face Coverings


Giving anything to anyone from your organization must be customized in your branding, especially custom face coverings nowadays. No matter how big or small the item may be, it has to reflect your brand in some way, shape or form. Most businesses go along with the “less is more” feel while others douse the gift in their brand. When you utilize the “less is more” rule with branded gifts, you will have a higher likelihood of the item being used more often than not.


Simply having your logo on custom face coverings can be more than enough as a gift for your employees and colleagues. You could also use that as a promotional gift to customers and clients that have supported you throughout the pandemic. Whatever the case may be, you must have your organization’s branding on the item. 


The Sentiment & Message


While a simple logo and color scheme will go a long way with gifted custom face coverings, there is also another route you can go in design. You can focus on a specific sentiment and message within your branding. If you have certain values that you want to uphold or want to spread brand awareness with a branded message or saying. One route that you opt for is personalization. If this is in fact for boosting morale within your organization and still function with in-person meetings, you can personalize with names or nicknames on your custom face coverings. This can make your daily workplace and culture much more fun, lively, and inviting for all that walk through your doors. 


Promotional Gifts


If you are considering tacking on a promotional gift such as custom face coverings, your best choice would be to have options for your clients and consumers. As with each individual, we all have our different tastes, styles, and likes/dislikes. In order to accommodate for your variety of consumers, having options between a logo only and unique messaging on the custom face coverings can achieve more than a “one size fits all” type of mindset. The average consumer is becoming less and less loyal to specific brands. This means that marketing teams have to pivot their campaigns and goals.


You could be a business that is casual and comedic; however, not every consumer would want to have specific messaging across their face that others would not immediately understand. This warrants for those consumers to opt for the brand’s logo and color scheme only custom face coverings. You will be able to have a win-win-win situation with this promotional gift option. 




Though most people don’t want to be constantly reminded that we are still in a pandemic; it is still a factor in our everyday lives. However, it is currently better to lean into this than ignore it. Your custom face coverings can boost morale and create stronger work culture, or it can bring more brand awareness with promotional gifts for consumers. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we provide high quality services and finished products that reflect your brand properly. We collaborate with our clients and use up to date technology with our digital and printed designs and projects. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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