Choosing custom awards, medals and plaques that reflect your organization, brand and recognition can be a daunting, time-consuming task.


If this is something you don’t do often or have no one to guide you through the process, it can be an overwhelming series of future steps and decisions. First things first, consult with a professional at a print management company. You want to properly honor individuals or groups with the perfect product and quality printing on it. Here’s what you should know about custom awards, medals and plaques for your organization and recognition.


Custom Awards


Between custom awards, medals and plaques; an award may be the best option for your means of recognition. There are several variables that go into customizing your award. The first being the material used. Will you choose glass, art glass, crystal, etc.? Next, you’ll have to decide what type of printing or etching you want to utilize on the award to complete the overall look or aesthetic. As with any honorary item, you’ll also need to customize the content/writing on the award.


Depending on your branding, the level of recognition deserved, and your budget; your print management team will be able to recommend the best options for you to choose from for your award. You can find unique awards to build and reinforce your organization and overall branding.


Custom Medals


When it comes to custom medals, you’ll want to show your brand’s personality through the design. This is true as with any honorary item such as custom awards, medals and plaques; yet it is more apparent with medals. You want the product to fit the occasion. That is reflected through the choices in medal, design, and what type of medal ribbon, suspension or bar/clasp you’ll be utilizing. Since this item is a combination of metal and fabric, you’ll want to choose quality pieces to last over time. Show your recipients your appreciation with high quality pieces in custom medals.


These are also great pieces to give to students at any age. If you are looking to show your students some extra love, consider a custom medal for them to wear or put on display in their room to admire throughout the years.


Custom Plaques


If you are someone that is indecisive or easily overwhelmed by a surplus of choices, a custom plaque may be the best way to recognize your recipient. Picking cheap or poorly made materials is the biggest downfall in the plaque category. When it comes to custom awards, medals and plaques; there are only so many design choices you’ll have to make. However, you will have to think long and hard about the words put on your plaque. Consult with your print management team over your options and allow them to review your plaque content. If you have a great team, they’ll help you find the perfect wording that will reflect well on you, your organization, and your honored recipient.




Recognizing, appreciating, and honoring anyone within your organization should be an exciting and prideful process. It shouldn’t be daunting, overwhelming, or annoying. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we provide quality services and products that will create a meaningful experience from start to finish with your custom awards, medals and plaques. Our goal in every project is to design and produce products that reflect your organization and brand in the best light. Call us today to find out more about the services and products that we offer!

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