It’s time to find the right COVID-19 holiday custom packaging for the gifts you are sending this year!


The sooner you are able to find the right holiday gifts for your employees and clients, the faster you’ll be able to find the perfect COVID-19 holiday custom packaging. In order to have a successful gift giving at the end of the year is only if you plan ahead. It’s the secret (yet not-so-secret) ingredient. Packaging is a critical element that you can and must plan in advance. Depending on how you are delivering your gifts, your packaging can become the entire experience to both employees and clients alike. If you immerse them in the experience of unboxing with unique packaging, you will have won the first half of the battle when it comes to holiday gifts. 




For any e-commerce owner, retailer or marketer, it can be challenging to find custom packaging that is unique, practical and safe for your product and receiver. The same challenge is met for those that are wanting COVID-19 holiday custom packaging in order to send gifts or care packages to their employees and/or clients. There are various benefits of implementing a particular and uniquely specific line of packaging for Christmas.


When it comes to festive packaging, it can refresh your brand’s image while allowing you the opportunity to create unique variants of your own products. Another benefit is creating an opportunity to surprise your clients and/or employees. Plus, it emphasizes the special holiday offer that you are promoting or giving. Receiving anything that is personalized and thoughtful around the holidays, the employee and/or client will feel instantly connected, especially during the pandemic. 


Color Schemes


There are various color schemes that you can choose from for your COVID-19 holiday custom packaging. Obviously, you will want to choose color blends that reflect the holiday season. Some unique examples include using the classic colors of Christmas (i.e., green and red) or picking a different festive blend (i.e., gold and black). These are the trending color schemes for 2020.


Since almost everything during the Christmas season is symbolized with green and red, that means it’s perfectly fitting for your packaging design. Anyone receiving the custom package will immediately know that it is a Christmas-themed box. You can always add a third color to the classic red and green mix such as variants of gold or silver. A third color can make the packaging pop a little extra.


If you go with the gold and black color scheme, you will immediately stand out amongst the rest in packaging. The black brings elegance and simplicity while the gold represents luxury. The simpler the pattern, the more expensive the design looks. Always choose whatever reflects your brand best during the holiday season. 


Style Inspirations 


If choosing a color scheme is too difficult, then maybe it’s best that you choose a style inspiration to find the perfect COVID-19 holiday custom packaging for your needs. There are endless possibilities, which means you’ll either feel overwhelmed or know immediately what suits your brand best. Some examples of trending style inspirations include the following: rustic designs, classic minimalism, and “Scandinavian sweater” style. Your packaging should be eye-catching and intriguing in some way. These three trending style inspirations are all guaranteed eye-grabbing and attention-gaining COVID-19 holiday custom packaging. 




Your gifts to employees and/or clients should be high quality materials that are customized with your branding. The fun shouldn’t stop there. Create an immersive experience to show your gratitude and appreciation from the moment they see the COVID-19 holiday custom packaging on their doorstep or under your office tree. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are diligent in creative unique and custom packaging that fits your products needs while reflecting your brand and occasion.


We provide high quality services and finished products for every client that we collaborate with. It is our privilege to serve you, especially during this upcoming season. Find out more about what we offer by calling us today!

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