How do you know you are facilitating a brand with consistent brand design?


Building your brand is a process. One of the aspects to that process is creating consistent graphic design in both print and digital branding and marketing. This does not just include slapping your logo wherever you can. It is much more than your logo, although your logo is incredibly important. When you have consistent graphic design, you will be able to yield stronger and longer lasting results with your consumers. As with anything related to your brand, you want to create a positive experience for potential clients, first-time purchasers, and/or loyal customers. Investing in consistent graphic design allows you to funnel your targeted audience into those tried-and-true consumers. 


What Does Consistent Graphic Design Mean? 


With consistent graphic design, you are able to make users feel familiar with you, whether that be on your website, a billboard, social media platforms, in your store, etc. An audience will be able to recognize that you are the same company based on your website when they pull up in your parking lot and see your office space. The (potential) consumers want to be reassured that it is the same company with whom they are interacting or seeing in various places. How does that manifest? Your design and/or marketing team must ensure consistency.


This demands careful attention throughout the conceptualization and design phases of your brand, especially on your website. In the beginning stage of building your brand (or rebranding), you must define, plan, design, and test your designs with consistency in mind at all phases. This is critical for long-term success in your organization and overall brand. You will become more memorable, recognizable and seen as trustworthy as your practice consistency in design. By investing in consistent graphic design for your company, you will also be saving time and money for years to come. Who doesn’t want that for their organization? 


What Does It Even Include? 


As stated previously, your consistency is not limited to your logo everywhere. It is much grander and more detailed than that one element. Consistent graphic design includes color, typography, sizing, messaging, and imagery. 


Color & Typography


Color is one of the most basic yet greatest ways to create consistency with your brand. Big brands tend to focus on one main color; however, having 2-3 alternative, supporting colors can add more pop if you need it. Throughout your marketing tactics, you’ll want to include these color schemes in order to be noticed and recognized by consumers. The goal is for customers to connect with your brand quickly. The best way to accomplish that is by using it constantly. Typography includes your core and supporting fonts. By doing this, you will appear more diverse in the visual messaging. This is probably the second most noticeable element in your consistent graphic design. 




When it comes to sizing certain elements throughout your marketing campaigns and branding, this can be tricky. You’ll want to have consistent graphic design to scale for whatever you are creating. Utilizing the same size titles, illustrations on your website, and/or images on printed projects to scale is key for consistency. It allows a rhythm in design to take place. With consistent graphic design, one of your goals is to give the viewers consistent expectations in your designs. This creates an easier route for consumers to focus on the content you are promoting or marketing. 


Messaging & Imagery 


These are the aspects in consistent graphic design that let your creatives feel truly creative. There is more creativity in messaging and imagery. With your messaging, you’ll need to have a certain style in speech, key phrases to utilize, and a few other elements that should be in your brand guide. Both messaging and imagery depend on the project at hand. Design projects need imagery created for your website, printed materials, and social media platforms. They all should share the same visual imagery such as illustrations, icons, photos, etc. If you are promoting something online, consider using a set of icons throughout that project’s promotional lifetime. 




All of these aspects in creating consistent graphic design have a beneficial payoff with your consumers and potential customers. Your organization can become more memorable, recognizable, trustworthy and stand out amongst competitors with consistency. It is a quality that people appreciate in their friends and family, but also their favorite companies/organizations. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we help organizations remain, maintain, and/or get back on track with their branding and design consistency.


It is important for printed and digital elements to look the same, and for your company to be represented with high quality features and items. Find out more about what we offer by calling us today!

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