With the increase of digital marketing, it does not mean that printed material is or will be of the past. Printed marketing is still a crucial piece for your business to flourish. Alongside stationery and business cards, flyer and brochure printing are the next most common printed materials in a company’s marketing plan. While brochures may be more popular in certain industries, every business and industry can benefit from this educational or informational content.


What Is Brochure Printing?


Brochure printing contains folds, creating multiple pages of information or panels. They typically include printing on both sides of your sheet, and some are formed with multiple sheets together. These pieces of marketing material are frequently distributed by salespeople. Most salespeople will give them out after initial interest is shown by potential customers or high-priority prospects. Why? Simply due to the fact that more money is invested in brochure printing.


The Purpose of Brochure Printing


You’ll want to inform and/or educate about a specific service or product that within a single brochure. The overall purpose of brochure printing is to showcase and highlight that product, service, or even promote your business as a whole. When you give your customers or prospects a piece of promotional literature to take home and read, they will feel cared for. This is simply because you are giving them time to consider, creating less pressure, and aren’t giving off “bad car salesman” vibes. By having high quality brochure printing, you are immediately placed above any competitors. It is worth the investment. Plus, customers can eventually pass along your brochures to other potential customers. This is how your business can reach wider information distribution without lifting a finger.


Effective Brochures Contain…


Your brochure printing should be a brief, yet informative version of your product, service, or organization’s message. You should be able to relay core ideas, introduce, or explain existing services or products with your brochure. While the size of a brochure may seem small at first glance, you will be able to contain a lot of information inside.


Most people will continue reading material if there is a break in the page with a graph, chart, or engaging graphics. By adding these three features, you can grab and keep the attention of anyone. Another effective item to consider adding to your brochure printing is a coupon or promotion. This has eye catching appeal to new customers, gives them an easy call to action and an added reason for visiting your business.




Quality brochure printing can be effectively used from trade shows to media kits or office hand-outs to direct mail. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we pride ourselves on quality prints of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. It is our privilege to create the ultimate, attention-grabbing prints. Call us today to get started on your printed marketing needs!

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