What are the branding trends for 2021?


Your brand identity is important for success in your business. Products and/or services that you provide can be high quality and the best in your industry, but your business will only get so far if you do not have a strong brand identity. How do you create brand awareness and recognition? Should you change and/or refine parts of your brand throughout the year? After enduring the last year, does your brand really need refreshing?


Whatever the circumstances may be for your company and brand, it is best to stay on top of branding trends for 2021. It will create a stronger brand gaining more brand awareness and recognition, which can increase your revenue and loyalty with consumers/clients. 


Using Art 


One of the top branding trends for 2021 is art. Whether it is for promotional items, marketing campaigns, or weekly blogs that you write, you want to have unique artwork this year. It has become popular and trendy to use quirky art and embrace expressionist brand colors. This is especially true if you are targeting younger markets.


Having an artist on your branding or marketing team can serve your brand extremely well in 2021. You won’t have to utilize stock imagery. Your brand can finally have one-of-a-kind imagery. Your brand will gain memorability and recognition if you have an artist that is particularly good at cute, funny, or whimsical art and/or design. If your brand has never had an artist or graphic designer that has used art in creating content, then this is the year to experiment. 


If you do not have the budget to hire an artist or graphic designer to play around with imagery, then you may want to consider embracing expressionist colors for your brand. This does not mean that you are completely rebranding yourself and choosing new colors. It simply means that you are adding and expanding your brand color palette. These colors can serve as a secondary or third palette. For example, your business can utilize expressionist colors to visually communicate the intensity that you share for a cause or value that you support or produce.


The branding trends for 2021 revolve around meaningfulness and expanding your color palette is a simple way of doing that. More and more brands are testing the waters with unconventional color schemes with plenty of variation. Consult with your print management agency to be up to date and aware of color trends and the emotional states they may invoke on your consumers/clients. 


Strong Values


Having strong values serves a great purpose for any company and brand. It shows what you care about and want others to care about as well. Standing for something has not always been easy, especially when it comes to a brand standing for a cause of some sort. It was becoming a trend in the last few years; however, 2020 bumped up having strong values to being one of the top branding trends for 2021. It should not be a surprise as to why, since our nation has been through a lot within the last years’ time.


The younger consumers are especially considered with the stance that companies have on particular issues that they find to be most important. Try to reflect your stance in your branding materials, so that people know what you’re about. For example, if your brand is about being environmentally friendly, then make sure that translates over your digital and printed materials. 


Immersive Experiences 


As with many displays for stores, trade shows, conferences, and large events; it is a consistent trend for businesses to create immersive experiences. Again, this should not be a surprise to be one of the rising branding trends for 2021. Sometimes people want to find an escape from their problems or the problems of the world. That’s why immersive experiences go a long way. They can invoke an emotional response, which lasts longer in the memories of your target audiences. Consult with your print management agency to find the right printed materials and options for your needs. 




It is important to consider all the new elements that may create more sales and revenue. The branding trends for 2021 are not impossible. They do require more thought and planning than pre-pandemic days. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are here to help our clients succeed. We provide quality services and products that will reflect your brand exceptionally well. If you are looking for a print management agency, call us today to find out more information about what we offer and how we can service you!

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