Are branded winter gloves during COVID-19 a good idea as a holiday gift?


The end of the year is close by, and holidays are quickly approaching. While our nation does not know the future of the pandemic, companies know that it is still important to send out holiday packages, promotional items, or appreciation gifts to employees and/or clients. Whatever the scenario may be, any type of functional and reusable gift during the winter months goes a long way. If you are looking for an item to add to a gift basket or give during the holiday season, you may consider branded winter gloves during COVID-19. This item is functional, reusable, and helpful during the winter months continuing in this pandemic. Clients and employees will appreciate this gift on multiple levels. 




Since we are still amid a pandemic, there is no knowing when restrictions will be lifted, or guidelines will change. However, we do know that every company needs to abide by current restrictions and guidelines and it’s best to promote healthy and safe living habits for clients and employees alike. This is one of the reasons why branded winter gloves during COVID-19 can be a great gift or promotional item. With winter gloves, you are able to decrease the number of germs that you touch with your bare hands during the winter months.


Whether you are going to the gas station or grocery store, you will be able to avoid potential infections and germs with these gifted gloves. This means that they are reusable, washable, safe, and healthy items that can prevent spreading any germs of your own or others to yourself. Any gift that promotes healthy and safe practices during COVID-19 truly goes a long way during this season of life within our country. It shows that your company cares. 




Functionality is key when choosing any promotional items or gifts. When your item is functional, reusable, and high quality, then you have a winner. You don’t want to skimp on quality because clients and employees will not feel truly appreciated with any low quality or passing quality branded winter gloves during COVID-19. It could quickly backfire, and you may lose some loyalty points with some and remain stagnant for now with others. When you are consulting with a professional at your print management agency, you will want to consider all the high-quality materials and items that fit your budget first and foremost.


Second, you will want to look at the ideal functions that you want from your branded winter gloves during COVID-19. Ask yourself if you want gloves that have touch screen fingertips, any insulation, fingerless with flaps, etc. Third, you will want your gloves to be reusable. This means that you need to know what the cleaning maintenance entails and the gloves longevity. These factors will take you from “Oh, winter gloves” to “Wow, these gloves are amazing! I’m going to wear them all the time.” 




Now it’s time to discuss the branding portion of your branded winter gloves during COVID-19. As with any promo item and/or gift, you need everything to be customized and branded to your liking. Every printing onto any item should be of the utmost quality level, just like the materials used to make the item too. When you have branded promo items that are high quality, functional and reusable, you can have a higher percentage of employees and clients using the item more often.


Branded winter gloves during COVID-19 can be used in your employees or clients’ day lives, increasing your brand exposure, awareness, and recognition. You will need any promotional item and/or gift to reflect your brand exceptionally well in every way possible. For example, by choosing your brand’s colors and putting a logo on your gloves will suit your item and brand best. 




A little gift or promotional item can either go in the garbage can or take you the extra mile in client and/or employee loyalty. With branded winter gloves during COVID-19, you are optimizing your chances in creating stronger loyalty ties to your brand and company. You will want to find gloves that are functional, reusable, high quality materials and printing techniques, and promote health and safety with COVID-19 precautions. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we utilize high quality materials and printing techniques to reflect your brand properly and clearly. We collaborate with our clients to design and produce the best products for their organization. Call us today for more information regarding our services!

Published On: November 12th, 2020 / Categories: Branding, Print, Promo, Promotional Items /