Branded vinyl stickers go a longer way as a promotional or marketing material than you may think.


What printed promotional and marketing materials can help brand your business or organization well every day, seven days a week? Branded vinyl stickers! While business cards, flyers, posters, and banners have their benefits in brand awareness, brand recognition, promotional and marketing campaigns; vinyl stickers enhance your marketing materials game. You’ll be able to spread brand awareness within your office and outside your office’s walls. This is one marketing tactic that delivers the department of brand awareness in places you may have never expected. Branded vinyl stickers are more durable, fade-resistant, maintain their stickiness longer than paper stickers, and so much more. 




There are a variety of benefits to utilizing branded vinyl stickers as a promotional and/or marketing material for your business this year. Since they are customizable, you can design, create and brand the sticker however you please. By being weather resistant, you can have a long-lasting and effective method to promote your business, product, or event on any public display spaces outdoors. They are known to resist conditions such as humidity and moisture, which is amazing for any summer promotions. Branded vinyl stickers are also affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly. If any of those factors are important for your company and brand, then this is an item you’ll want to invest in.


You do not have to suffer with any creative restrictions. These stickers come in bright, colorful images with a variety of finishes you can choose from (i.e., matte, semi-gloss, gloss, etc.). Your window or display won’t have to suffer either, since they can be removed from surfaces without leaving any sticky residue. If you are in a pinch on time, branded vinyl stickers may be the perfect marketing material for you. Why? Designs can be printed quickly with a professional look. These are just some of the incredible benefits you gain from choosing branded vinyl stickers. 




Your company has several advantages with branded vinyl stickers. By choosing stickers, you are helping build your brand awareness and recognition. While this marketing material has similar benefits as flyers, there are different advantages. For whatever reason, people have a harder time throwing away stickers than they do flyers. They are more likely to be used in some capacity than thrown away. You can expect a higher likelihood of your brand awareness expanding farther than you anticipated with branded vinyl stickers. Plus, your company can utilize stickers at special venues in the future such as trade shows, fairs, festivals, etc. 


Branded vinyl stickers are a cost-effective marketing material because you are gaining longevity. While they may be more than paper stickers, the value supersedes the cost with the brand awareness, recognition, and durability which makes them last longer. You can offer paying consumers free stickers to promote a product launch, upcoming event, or whatever else your company wants to promote. It offers your audience something significant that they can take home and place on a wall, window, notebook, etc.  


Ways To Use


As a marketing material that acts as its own custom display, there are various reasons or ways to utilize them. We’ve had clients use them for schools, churches, athletic clubs, fundraisers, non-profit organizations, events, and so much more. Branded vinyl stickers are economical and effective, and who doesn’t want that in a marketing material? You can create storefront signs that give first impressions to any potential consumer walking by. They are a great way to promote an event, sale, or cause. There are countless ways to use branded vinyl stickers. Get creative and design something unique! 




When it comes to your organization’s promotional and marketing materials, you want everything to look crisp, clean, and professional. This all falls under the ability of your printing methods. You need to have a professional ensure that your materials will print correctly and to your liking. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are the professionals that will do just that on your behalf. Printing can be a tricky feat for some; but with our techniques and years of experience, we are able to deliver high quality products for your business. Call us today for more information on our services and products!

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