What do branded t-shirts give you and your company?


The one piece of clothing that never goes out of style is the t-shirt. It doesn’t even matter the type it is oversized, graphic tee, or even body-hugging t-shirt. They are also loved by people of all age groups and are always trending. When you are considering alternate marketing and promotional materials, you simply can’t go wrong with branded t-shirts. More consumers are wanting to represent their favorite brands, companies, causes or messages within the last few years. That’s why it is important to not only consider branded t-shirts, but also invest in amazing designs and printing that allows you to stick out amongst the crowd. 


Branding & Benefits


Everywhere you look a business or organization is looking to get consumers attention. It can make it difficult to fight for your target audience’s attention in marketing campaigns and promotions. However, with branded t-shirts, you catch the eyes of everyone around the person wearing the t-shirt. This increases the importance of smart branding in your design. The typical rule of thumb for success with promotional and marketing materials that can be worn is “less is more”. You want to make it clear and concise with creating brand awareness and recognition. Your logo and specific color schemes can do just that. 


Branded t-shirts offer you an opportunity for free off-the-clock marketing. Whether you give t-shirts to your employees, customers, or giveaways at trade shows, a well-designed and high-quality branded t-shirt can be worn anytime anywhere. It helps your company build your brand identity without having to hire anyone to wear the shirt. One great benefit of t-shirts is that they are cost-effective ways to promote your business. Consult with your print management agency to find a style, design, and high-quality materials to use for the best outcome. When you invest in higher quality t-shirts, the branded t-shirts will have a longer shelf life. This allows your brand to gain visibility for a longer time frame. 


Customer Loyalty & Boosting Morale 


When you can offer an item to boost morale with your employees and increase customer loyalty, branded t-shirts are the way to go. Since competitors are just a few clicks away in the digital era, it typically takes longer to gain customer loyalty nowadays. From months and years to creating a relationship and connection with customers, you can set yourself apart by offering a great experience with branded t-shirts. In reference to your employees, giving any gift goes a long way.


Most, if not all, gifts should be branded to boost morale and reinforce a unified team. It may seem silly at first, but companies have realized the importance of creating a strong work culture in the past few years. How do branded t-shirts accomplish this? It is a great way to develop a strong emotional bond with your company and brand while increasing motivation and commitment to achieve company and/or team goals within certain departments. A branded gift or promotional item that is reusable, useful, and made with high quality materials and prints; your customers and employees will feel special and appreciated while producing a strong connection with your brand and company. 


Design & Printing 


One of the most important factors in creating successful branded t-shirts is the design and printing. You want to have a trendy and unique design and high-quality materials with state-of-the-art printing techniques to do this. Your design is half of the equation that allows you to stand out amongst competitors. The other half is the printing on your t-shirt.


The first place to start in accomplishing these elements is having an exceptional print management agency that delivers consistent and high-quality final products. They should be able to collaborate in design to recommend the current trends infused with your brand for a higher chance in success with your branded t-shirts. Your print partner should also be well-versed in transitioning a digital design onto a printed material. There should not be a significant difference in color or lining from digital mock-ups to the physical t-shirt. Ask your print management agency for examples of past projects to verify their ability to deliver. 




It is important to consider all the new elements that may create more sales, revenue, boost morale, and customer loyalty. Branded t-shirts are a creative, reusable, and cost-effective way to accomplish all of that while generating more brand awareness and recognition. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are here to help our clients succeed. We provide high quality services and products that will reflect your brand exceptionally well. If you are looking for a print management agency, call us today to find out more information about what we offer and how we can service you!

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