At the beginning of this year there were trends in branded product packaging for 2020.


As the nation has been dealing with COVID-19 some of those trends have pivoted. With e-commerce on the rise, this has given some companies more initiative to invest in branded product packaging for 2020. Every business does have a budget though, so packaging options have to be “reeled in” to reality for some companies. It can be an exciting challenge to pick the right design for product packaging this year. 


Free Social Media Marketing With Branded Product Packaging For 2020: 

The Unboxing Phenomenon 


It truly is a phenomenon over social media platforms far and wide – now more than ever before. Opening a product should not be frustrating or disappointing. If it feels that way to you, then your buyers will feel similarly. With branded product packaging for 2020 products, you want to take care of your own product as much (if not more) than your competitors. How you feel about your product and branding should translate through the unboxing of your products.


It’s best to invest in sturdy and secure packaging styles in order for your consumers to feel cared for and see you as a reliable company. You take the time to ensure each item is a wonderful product. Do the same for each product’s packaging. Create a memorable experience that will turn a first-time consumer into a loyal customer. 


A great unboxing is like a piece of intriguing theater. You want to wow your customers with branded product packaging in 2020 – so much so that they want to film the rest of the unveiling process. There are items like tissue paper that can spur on the idea of luxury and attractiveness. Consider packaging inserts or a unique custom box. Set yourself apart from the competition in creative ways. All for an exhilarating experience for any and all consumers. 


Design Tips With Your Branded Product Packaging For 2020


If you have a print management agency, they will be able to guide you through all the phases and decisions of creating the perfect design for your packaging. In order to be successful with e-commerce, branded product packaging for 2020 is critical. The last decade there is a trend of choosing materials that are not only eco-friendly but user-friendly too. You’ll want to consider options like spatial constraints and how to splash your brand throughout the unboxing experience. Some companies have utilized custom tissue paper to line the box or items for that extra touch. 


If you create premium packaging, you have a 40% chance to be given a shout-out of some sort on social media through customers. These are pieces of branded product packaging for 2020 that you’ll need to consider and decide on. Other design tips include the following: downsizing items that are difficult to recycle, think compostable, considering reusable packaging methods, storytelling tactics, color combinations, repetitive designs and patterns, and channeling your brand’s aesthetic for cohesive style. 




Your branded product packaging for 2020 matters more due to the rise of e-commerce purchases. It is important to have impactful, branded, consistent, and cohesive packaging. Your organization, products, and unboxing experiences should be memorable and thrilling. Consumers already feel exhilarated when they see any package arrive on their doorstep. Keep that momentum going with your branded product packaging.


At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are able to design, create and produce quality packaging for your products. We love collaborating with our clients and finding the right tools to reflect their brand well and create a memorable experience for customers. Find out more about our products and services by calling us! Let’s start you on the right track today!

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