The 2021 trends in promotional displays are greater and grander than ever before.


The new year always brings in new hope. This year should not be any different. There is great hope that 2021 will be full of long-awaited reunions and restrictions lifted as the year progresses. It may be a slower process than what is desired, but it is still a likely process to happen this year. When it comes to business and your marketing efforts, you will need to make a plan that accommodates the process and potential of restrictions being lifted.


You may not be able to go back to pre-pandemic “business as usual”; however, you will be able to make steps in the right direction that can increase your sales. One of those steps include following some 2021 trends in promotional displays. 


Trade Shows, Conferences & Large Events


It seems that there is a running theme in the 2021 trends for promotional displays. Complete immersion. No matter what the environment is, you want to create a meaningful and immersive experience that attendees and consumers won’t be able to forget. While you may not be able to fully replicate live demonstrations, networking and product sampling at trade shows, conferences, and large events; you will still be able to offer value in both virtual and in-person events. If you are participating in a completely virtual event, you will still need printed materials. Digital backgrounds look cheap and lazy.


Consult with your print management agency to find the right background options such as banners and displays that will create that immersive experience for viewers. They will also know the 2021 trends for promotional displays to collaborate with you throughout the design process. If you are participating in a hybrid event, then you may have more details to consider for your displays. You will need to consider the venue (indoor vs outdoor), the noise level and sound variations for virtual attendees, presenting with a mask, lighting, any additional technology, and more. If you have a competent print management agency, they should be able to assist you with proper recommendations to prepare you for a successful event. 


In-Store Displays


Having a distinct theme, style and/or immersive experience are the top 2021 trends in promotional displays for in-store use. When it comes to your product or merchandise that you are trying to sell, your in-store promotional displays should reflect what you are selling. If a product does not fit the theme or style of the display, some customers may consider it to be off-putting. More times than not, this leads to consumers not purchasing the item. Not only does it decrease impulse buying potential, which is an important factor and benefit of in-store promotional displays; but it can also possibly damage the brand name.


Your signage should highlight the brand and item while creating a cohesive theme for any holidays, seasons, or special promotions. You will also want to consider elements of your display such as if it’s featuring one item, similar products, related products, and/or a cross mix of items. This will allow you to find the proper theming and styling that is appropriate in creating an immersive setting for your consumers. 


Mobile & Video Displays 


With the potential of reopening throughout the country, it will still likely be a slow process. This means that businesses must continue investing in their digital marketing efforts. The top 2021 trends in promotional displays digitally are mobile and video displays. Since more people have been spending a great amount of time connected to their phones and electronic devices, you are guaranteed more brand awareness with digital marketing. If you have not started already, consider investing in content and promotional graphics for social media platforms.


Alongside mobile displays, your business should content video displays. Technology has come such a long way in the last 50 years. We now have access to the internet in our pocket. With the large amount of content that is available online, your business needs to come out with content that is eye-catching, intriguing, and captivating (for a short amount of time). This means that creating a short video with direct, fast, and concise communication can take you farther than you think. It is also important to have consistent content that is easy to make and easy to watch. 




It is important to consider all the new elements that may create more sales and revenue. The 2021 trends of promotional displays are not that different from before. They do, however, require more thought and planning than pre-pandemic days. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are here to help our clients succeed. We provide quality services and products that will reflect your brand exceptionally well. If you are looking for a print management agency, call us today to find out more information about what we offer and how we can service you!

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