What do you think the trends in promo products for 2021 will be?


As we are coming to the end of the year, it is always fun to look forward and guess what the trends for the following year may be. Whether those trends are on social media, certain services that will rise, or products that will increase in demand; however, as a business owner, it is good to look forward to the next promotional and marketing products. Thinking back to 2019 looking forward to 2020, nobody knew what the year had in store for all of us. To say it’s been a shock to our national system is an understatement. Although, it is safe to say that we have a better idea of what the trends will be with popular promo products for 2021. 


COVID-19 Related Products 


It seems to be pretty apparent that COVID-19 related products that promote safety and health will be the next trending promo products for 2021. The first year of exposure to COVID-19 and living through a pandemic has been extremely challenging for everyone. The nation as a whole has had to adapt to new changes. There are various promotional products in the market that will be tremendous examples of how much you care. For example, branded paper soap is a personal hygiene product that looks and feels like magic. Paper soap is stored in a small and portable pouch to ensure that you wash your hands squeaky clean, no matter the circumstances. It can even fit in your wallet!


Another popular promotional item may very well be a custom branded screen cleaner for your phone. This promotes healthy and clean daily practices if you utilize your phone all day long. You can keep you, your clients and/or employees safe by decreasing the number of bacteria on your mobile device. These are just a couple examples of COVID-19 related promo products that you can choose from in the coming year. 


Work From Home Promo Products For 2021


With the increase of employees working from home, it is beneficial to promote healthy work-life balance with promo products for 2021. You can find a variety of products that are helpful, useful, and/or aesthetically pleasing, ready for you to customize and brand. Some examples of products that you can choose from are the following: branded coasters, lunch boxes or tray tables, cutlery sets, custom cable tags (for organizing your technology), oil diffusers, phone grips and stands, fleece zip-ups, stress relievers, face masks, ice scrapers and the list could go on and on.


There are the classic choices of promotional products that seem to remain ageless such as tumblers, pullovers, pens, hats, planners/calendars, coffee mugs, etc. Whatever items that you choose for this year, know that everything must be customized with your branding on it. In order to gain brand awareness, you’ll want certain aspects on any promo products for 2021. 


Your Logo, Color Scheme and Messaging


The three top factors that go into customizing your branded promo products for 2021 are your logo, color scheme, and any selected messaging. Your logo is one part of creating brand awareness and hopefully staying top of mind. It’s ideal to remain subtle with your branding rather than overwhelming. What is deemed as overwhelming? Having too many colors and/or adding long messaging or large print. It can do more damage than you think. Keep it simple, light and only print critical information onto your items. Less is more, especially with promotional items. 




It is important to pick promo products for 2021 that are helpful, useful, and/or aesthetically pleasing. If you can find a product that is customizable for perfect branding with all three qualities, then you’ve hit the jackpot. The process of finding the right item is faster and simpler when you consult with a professional such as your print management agency. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are a print management agency that provides high quality services and finished products that are relevant, trending, and/or timeless. We collaborate with our clients to find the perfect blend of elements that reflect their brand. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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