When you are decorating your home, creating your office space or putting together your business, you have various printing needs. Most people assume that you can only print graphics, text, and photos onto vinyl or paper. Vinyl or paper are the go-to options because they’re well-known and a comfortable choice. What if you’re looking for something that lasts long, looks amazing, and isn’t going to cost a huge chunk of change? Printing on metal may be the medium you’ve rarely (or never) heard about. To put it plainly, metal prints can be the game-changing service you never knew you needed – until now.


How Does It Work?


No matter what you’re printing material is, everything is first printed onto transfer paper. The following step is getting attached to a coated aluminum sheet, then both (paper and aluminum) are placed on a heat press. This process is when the dyes from the transfer paper are converted into gas, then these gaseous dyes are pressed into the surface of the aluminum sheet. When the metal cools, it allows the dyes to return to a solid state resulting in the permanent infusion of your print (text, graphic, artwork, etc.) onto metal. Voila! There you have it!


Unique Ways To Use This Medium


The ways that you can display metal prints are endless. Whatever you are printing on metal, you will receive an incredibly sophisticated printed piece that will last you for years. The finish on this type of print is polished and sleek, while keeping the integrity of the artwork, graphic, or text. You will also be able to put a metal print into conventional frames, which is less of a hassle for you and a refined look on your wall. This means that your prints can look as traditional or modern as you desire. Here are some suggestions of ways you can use this medium:


  • Wall decor to redecorate your home and/or office
  • Gift for that special someone
  • Landscape photos that are customizable in size
  • Business logo
  • Framed
  • Exhibit mounts
  • Double float metal prints
  • Creative and/or customized edge
  • Curved edge
  • Acrylic


Benefits Of Printing On Metal


This new medium comes with a great deal of benefits for all. To start, they are epically brilliant and impressive by bringing out the vibrant colors effortlessly. Next, there is minimal impact on the environment when you go with metal prints for all you eco-friendly folks. They highlight architectural elements in landscape artwork like you’ve never seen before. The list goes on with the extended display life that metal prints have. Metal prints are relatively damage-proof and have a longer delay of the fading process that all prints suffer from. Their fading process actually only begins after 100 years of sunlight exposure, which is arguably worth it when speaking about longevity. Plus, they’re scratch-resistant. We could go on and on, but we’ll spare your reading time for now.




As stated before, there is a laundry list of benefits that you receive when printing on metal. Mind’s Eye Cre8tive can explain in further detail about those benefits and the process if you are interested in your own metal prints. If you are looking for a medium that is best suited for your printed needs, metal may be the one you want. Call us today!

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