No matter the size of your business or industry you’re in, you will need some form of print management services. These services, also known as managed print services (MPS), will vary dependent on your organization’s needs. Though most marketing services have been digitized, there is still a great importance of printed materials throughout your business. It’s one of the most underappreciated business elements. You have to choose your approach on what print management services are necessary, effective, productive, and within budget.


Printing can become too costly over time. Why is that? The best advice we can give is that you need to consider your printing needs and options seriously before you start printing.


Here are some figures as to why print management services are critical for your organization’s budget and overall productivity:


  • Document costs represent 5-15% of your revenue
  • Having supplier agreements can reduce operating costs by 20-30%
  • General IT needs are spent 15% of the time on printing issues
  • A staggering near 90% of companies do not track their printing costs


What Are Print Management Services (or MPS)?


Print management services have a broad definition. In the end, it’s controlling your printing and gaining visibility. By having this, it will boost your productivity and help you save money overall. You can even improve environmental sustainability!


To get more technical, print management services (MPS) are offered by an external provider to optimize or manage an organization’s document output. This covers a needs assessment; the service, parts and supplies needed to operate new and/or existing hardware; and selective or general replacement of hardware. Your provider tracks how the copier, printer, and fax is being utilized, any problems, and your satisfaction using the machinery. Your print management services cover the total cost of managing and optimizing anything and everything to do with printing.


Here are the various ways that MPS can benefit your business:


  • Analysis of your print fleet that will provide consolidation methods for your future
  • Reducing “local printers”, which only service one user and are typically not networked
  • Streamlining your printer placement for easy accessibility and overall office effectiveness
  • Identifying underperforming machinery and replacing these inefficient devices
  • Automation of supply deliveries like toner, which eliminates equipment downtime


The list could go on as to how print management services can benefit your organization. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we can help you find the printing needs that fit in your budget you’ve been searching for. Call us today to find out more information about our services!

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