For your company’s sake, you should know how printing affects your brand.


It seems as though printing products in business have been dismissed for the time being. With more people currently working from home and events being postponed (and inevitably cancelled), it may be safe to say that printed materials are being put on hold. Though it is understandable that this “hold” may be necessary for budgetary reasons, you may need to consider the ways that printing can boost your brand awareness. There are various ways on how printing affects your brand overall. While holding off on printed promotional materials for the time being, it is best to know where you must invest in prints once you get the green light. 


Boosting Brand Awareness Is One Way How Printing Affects Your Brand 


Currently, you may be shifting your energies into digital design and marketing campaigns. This is necessary for your business to maintain traffic to your website and/or sales numbers. However, you may not realize that the brain seems to have a natural preference for printed materials. Here is one example of how printing affects your brand – internally. Let’s say that you’ve decided to give printed gifts and/or accessories like water bottles, coffee mugs, calendars, pens, etc. They are all printed, branded materials. These make an incredible impact on your employees. It can instigate an emotional bond because it feels like a personal touch and sentiment.


Now imagine that instead of giving printed materials, you sent out a branded, thank-you email to everyone in the office. It seems less personal and will probably be forgotten about in the following few hours after being sent. This is how printing affects your brand, and the same goes for your consumers and their experiences. 


What Print Gives You


This may seem obvious, but printed materials are tangible. Whether it is a poster, brochure, or business card; these items can stay in your confines for months to years after receiving them. They feel more legitimate. Plus, you are able to put the printed piece down and come back later to resume your reading, researching, or what have you. Printed promotional materials require real estate on the corner of your desk. Your marketing agency or team loves this element on how printing affects your brand. Now you’ve created an item that has your brand stamped on it. Hopefully, your branding is clear and recognizable on whatever item is collecting real estate on a consumer’s desk.


Investing in high quality prints can deliver the impact you desire for branding. As with anything related to branding, you want your consumers to have a positive experience when they engage with your brand. This is especially important when you invest in anything that your brand prints. Remaining consistent in both the digital and printed arena can be a game-changer for your brand’s reputation. 




As stated previously, it is understandable that your company has put a “hold” on some printed materials for budgetary purposes at the moment. It is critical for your organization to maintain producing some printed materials as to how printing affects your brand overall. Finding an exceptional print management agency can allow you to make the smartest calls for where your business is currently at in the 2020 economic climate.


At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are here to provide high quality products and services that align with your brand identity and budgetary needs. Call us today to find out more about what we can offer your organization! It’s time to create longevity for your company with strong branding and marketing tactics with high quality materials and printing techniques. 

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