The right design and print agency will help you grow and facilitate your brand better.


How is your company fairing in the marketing and branding departments? Are you doing well or feel like you are floundering? It may be time to consider investing in a design and print agency. If you already have one yet feel like they aren’t coming through, then it may be time to find a new one. In order to be considered a strong design and print agency option, they need to specialize in digital and print media. This is critical for your marketing promotions and long-lasting branding endeavors. 


What To Look For


What exactly should an exceptional design and print agency offer? You will need to do your due diligence in research of agencies in your area with comparing their offers and your budget. As stated previously, the team should specialize in both digital and print media. It should be engaging, effective, and consistent with client’s brands. Ask the agency for a portfolio of past and/or current clients in order for you to make that judgement call for yourself.


Although you may not like everything that they’ve done design-wise, keep in mind that clients have the final say throughout each design and print process. When they give you a portfolio, see that they have examples of the following items: logo design, ad design, social media graphics, brochures, flyers, trades show displays, magazines, newsletters, and whatever else they have done. Feel free to request more information regarding the work they did with each client. Here’s an example of a few questions you can consider asking:  


  • How will they make your print strategy more efficient? 
  • Will they identify cost saving opportunities?
  • What did the client request initially? 
  • How did the collaborative process between design team and client work? 
  • What were some suggestions you made to the client that they rejected in the end? 
  • What would have you done differently if you had free reign over a project? 


These answers will help you determine if the relationship between you and the design and print agency is a good fit. It is always best to find a vendor that you feel heard, understood, gets the job done well and safe with rather than someone that doesn’t have any or even one of those qualities. A terrific print company will offer more than a few simple packages that include limited choices. It’s also best to find an agency that stays up to date in the latest technology. Speed and efficiency are the keys to a majority of successful businesses, so find one that values and embraces the ever-changing technology world of design and print. 


Benefits Of A Design And Print Agency 


When it comes to your brand identity, you need consistency. By having a design and print agency handle your promotional, marketing and branding endeavors; it will be easier for consistency to touch every element. They should focus on your core values, provide powerful branding solutions, utilize textures, colors and typography in graphic design and imagery throughout every project. These elements touch both digital and print materials. You want both to look the same and be consistent in each arena.


A consumer should be able to look at your social media platform, walk into your office and/or store-front and know that it is the same organization. The beauty of a design and print agency is that they can help your company in so many facets, it creates a naturally cohesive experience for consumers. You could be looking to create innovative branded packaging, stationary, brochures, digital marketing campaigns, or signage; and you should experience the same high-quality products and experiences in the end. 




Investing in a design and print agency can not only save you in time, stress, and headaches; but it can also save you money. With an agency that gives you consistency, you give your business a professional outlook and gain more trust from consumers. You can also gain great brand recognition and popularity. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we are a design and print agency that offers high-quality products and services for all of our clients. We strive to help our clients thrive, no matter what time of year it is. Find out more about what we offer by calling us today!

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