With digital marketing and the use of social media platforms on the rise, small businesses may forget the need for printed marketing materials. You will always need physical materials that grab the attention of your audience and motivate your prospects to make purchases. One of the overlooked marketing materials that can do wonders for your business is creating custom banners. There are various sizes, materials, and uses for custom banners; however, they are consistent in their ability to grab the attention of your audience, reach the masses, versatile in use, and being affordable and effective in your marketing plan.


Since custom banners are used for various purposes and created with different materials, how do you know which banner is the right one for you?


What Material Is Ideal If I’m Using My Custom Banners…

Indoors Or Outdoors?


We’ll start with the first question that will help you decipher what materials are best for your custom banners: Where will it be displayed – outdoor or indoor?


If you are wanting your signage to be displayed outdoors, then your best choice would be a vinyl banner. Vinyl banners are constructed in such a way that allows it to be the most versatile, durable and optimal material for the great outdoors. How? Vinyl custom banners are UV and water-resistant while being able to withstand the elements longer. It’s the least likely material to become faded by the sun, torn, or ripped apart. This type of banner offers a semi-gloss appearance and exceptional image quality. They’re the ultimate choice for outdoor usage and drawing customers to your business or cause.


When it comes to the comfortable confines of the indoors, we recommend fabric banners. They’re the material that is most impressive in printing details and colors for your custom banners. You’ll find that this material is aesthetically pleasing as well as incredible in functionality. Fabric banners are printed masterpieces to display your message in all its vivid details. They are lightweight, slightly transparent, and typically hung from a ceiling, awning or in front of a window. This is not to say that fabric banners aren’t allowed outdoors. However, you’ll want to avoid leaving them outside in heavy wind or rain.




These are not the only two materials used in making custom banners. There is also the choice of mesh banners, which are highly popular for displaying outdoors at sporting events. Whatever purpose or place you want to display your custom banners, Mind’s Eye Cre8tive can help you find the right fit for your needs. We love creating the ultimate marketing tool that you’ll love and be noticed for. If you have questions or want to get started on your printed marketing projects, call us today!

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