What are some things you can do this year that will end up boosting your business?


Though we are in the beginning of a new year, it still has a lingering feeling of 2020. We are still wearing masks, social distancing, and following restrictions and guidelines for COVID-19. You might need a bit of help to kick up your company’s marketing and promotional campaigns and materials. There are several things in the wake of 2021 that can be detrimental in boosting your business. While they may not be in pre-pandemic terms, they are a sure way to help you survive, maintain, and eventually thrive post-pandemic. It is hopeful that the post-pandemic days are months away. It’s time to equip your brand and invest in these ideas for the future of your company. 


Social Media Content 


When it comes to social media, you will want to have good content regularly going out into the digital universe. Your graphic designs and imagery should always reflect your brand and whatever campaign you are currently pushing. From one platform to another, you should regularly promote your other social media handles. If you have a store or an office that consumers/clientele regularly visit, you should also be promoting social media handles in person. There are countless ways to get more engagement. Consider using brand specific hashtags along with popular, more vague hashtags. These are just a few ways that you can be boosting your business in the next year. 


You will also want to have eyes on your competitors’ social profiles. Tons of companies have been participating in giveaways and contests for care packages. It is an easy way to get engagement and your content shared in the social media realm. You could even use contests and giveaways to your advantage. For example, if you have a video, photo, or any type of imagery contest, you can utilize those images in the future on your social media platforms. It is free content creation.


Consult with your marketing team and print management agency to find the best ways to engage your target audience. Your print management agency will be able to create, design and produce quality digital and printed materials (i.e., branded and customized promotional items, and/or immersive displays) that can be posted on your social media. 


Immersive Experiences 


If you have a store or are planning on participating in a trade show or event, you will want to create an immersive experience. When you invoke an emotional response through immersive experiences, your audience will not only remember you but also talk to their friends about your company. This is one of the more creative and unique ways in boosting your business for 2021. Every person may process information differently; however, all people process through their five senses. Your sight accounts for 83% of processing information, which means that you’ll want your displays, promotional items, and packaging to be cohesive, eye-catching, and appropriately colored and sized for the merchandise.


Some business owners want to make a lasting impression on their consumers by creating a particular environment, setting in their entire store, or specific sections of their store. This can be done for holidays, seasons, and any special promotions that you are holding for your consumers/clientele. Following a unifying theme can assist the overall effect to become powerful and intriguing. You do not have to build something fancy to accomplish this though. With a strong theme and ensuring that all components of your space are in line with the story that you want to communicate, you’ll be able to create a compelling and immersive experience with a few simple fixtures, branded products, and printed display arrangements. 


Combine The Physical With Digital 


One of the best things about promotional and marketing campaigns is when two tactics can work together. For example, you can create an immersive experience in your store or at a trade show and arrange a contest for the best video or photo of the display. You can also tease your immersive experience through your social media platforms with photos and videos of your custom displays and promotional items. Utilizing both tactics can help tremendously in boosting your business this year. 




Whether rain or shine, pandemic or not; it is critical for you to think of ways that will be boosting your business for the coming weeks/months. You can have an incredible increase of sales from the consumers that have chosen to physically come into your store, office, trade show, or event. At Mind’s Eye Cre8tive, we can collaborate and find the right digital and printed materials that your brand deserves. Through our up-to-date printing techniques, we provide high quality services and products for our clients all year round. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!

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