With all of the wonderful promotional products that are available, it may be difficult to choose the best giveaway for your company. How do you know which product is the best to represent you, your cause, your services, your products, and/or your brand? You could pick something that you could see yourself using, but it’s always best to see what the top picked items for the year are. It’s good to know what people will tend to keep if given to them. We are almost halfway through 2019, so we have condensed a list of the 5 most popular expo items of this year to get your name out there.


There are trends from the past few years remain relevant in 2019. Some of these trends being drinkware, technology products, and eco-friendly promotional products are received with extreme enthusiasm. With every year emerges new trends that influence each market, and this year is no different. It helps to know what your customers are looking for in the promotional space and to recognize the trends. So, what do customers value in promo handouts? Is there more of an interest in practicality and utility or aesthetics that can impress?


Here is our list of the 5 most popular expo items of 2019 to promote your organization.


#1 – Products With Subtle Branding And Retail Value


A product that seems to have retail value is better than an item that looks worthless and probably is. Aside from the product itself, a subtle approach in marketing is often more effective than a promotional item with a loud brand. Some items that are popular choices include the following: Campfire mugs, canvas backpacks, jackets & vests.


Note: when it comes to ordering promotional clothing, it’s best to focus on creating an exceptionally designed item that is truly wearable. You want to avoid displaying and screaming your brand over your item. Some ways to be subtle can be custom tags, small embroidered patches, and tone-on-tone colors.


A wonderful trend happening within these retail value items is the idea of playing with materials and textures on your items. Some of these popular additions are bright colors, matte finishes, burlap, faux leather, cork, marble, and wood. Two other trends that fall under subtle, retail value items are: gift sets and kits as well as event-specific giveaways. Make sure that you are choosing items that are reusable and retail-inspired with subtlety.


#2 – Eco-Friendly Products


With many stores and companies promoting the use of eco-friendly products and reusable items, your organization can offer a positive experience to your audiences. Avoid single-use disposables and invest in items like recyclable coffee mugs, washable paper bags, or paper straws with your logo on it. Give that eco-friendly association and vibe with your promotional products. This is a great way to be relevant with this one of our 5 most popular expo items of 2019.


#3 – Mobile Phone Peripherals


With everyone having a smartphone nowadays, last year’s trend of phone accessories is still hot. These items include the following: wireless phone chargers, power banks, cases, and even Bluetooth speakers and headphones. A word of caution is to invest in quality because you won’t want to give yourself a bad name to cut corners.


#4 – Wellness Products


It seems like wellness products are always relevant. Items can include fitness trackers, subtle branded water bottles, or even vouchers for spa days. This is not only good marketing for potential customers, but it’s also great for your employees! Set some incentives for your employees and create a healthy work culture.


#5 – Desktop Accessories


They’re back! It’s great to brand your employees, and the best way to do so is with desktop accessories. Your common suspects are mousepads, phone stands, desktop speakers, and coasters. One trend is a “new employee welcome kit” that again welcomes employees and makes for a strong work culture.

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